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“Eurovision Winner Rejects Russian Award because she’ll be busy marching at Pride!” So proclaims Pink News in the UK! Netta, 25, picked up OUTtv’s OUTmusic Award after winning the vote among LGBT fans before the contest.  Read the full story (click here).

Netta responded that she won’t be able to attend the June 8 Russian event because she’ll be marching in Tel Aviv Pride, a rally which is “much more important” to her. Though salt statues of Sodom and Gomorrah are just a few miles from Tel Aviv, the Tel Aviv Pride rally is “much more important” to LGBT-promoting Netta.

Over 4 million members in John Hagee’s Friends of Israel have pledged not to evangelize Jewish LGBT people like Netta. So the strong delusion continues that “Licentiousness brings liberty” when it does just the opposite. Sin always brings bondage, no matter how it’s packaged!

“As it was in the days of Noah…” Israeli media like ILTV boasts of this “achievement” over several lavish reports! Indeed, “The great city called Sodom and Egypt” is prophesied in the Book of Revelation in Rev. 11:8. What does it spiritually mean to have the US Embassy now in Jerusalem, “The great city called Sodom and Egypt.”

The Scriptural identification is clear: Sodom—Egypt—Jerusalem, all in one hand, each describing the other. God is giving evidence here to compare contemporary Israel to Sodom and Egypt. Sodom is noted in all of the history of mankind for its sexual sins; Egypt is known to all biblical students of a harsh and exacting slavery of the Israelitish people.

Again, sinful licentiousness does not bring freedom but bondage. How many times have you heard, “Do not become a slave to sin.”

Could there be anything more important to Israel than Eurovision? Is it possible the sinless and pure Yahweh desires an Israel Vision of how He restored the Holy Land for His Name’s sake?  Why didn’t Netanyahu give God His due on Israel’s 70th Anniversary?

Israel is still in an intensive period of Grace Before Judgment. Yahweh will soon display His Power to show them His Divine and supernatural power, of mercy and compassion, overcoming Israel’s enemies. And yet it is prophesied Yahweh will not win the Israel Vision Award.  Instead, Israeli eyes will believe the Antichrist should get the credit for upcoming major victories which, in truth, only God’s angels and His Power can bring about!

And the tragic Isaiah-prophesied Agreement with Sheol is signed, willingly by Israel, to make the Antichrist legal protector of the Land of Israel. A distinction, through the centuries, Yahweh always desired! Even now, He will bring the victories, for which the Antichrist will take credit and made Protector of Ha Eretz.

And then, due to wilful sin and wilfully ignoring the Scriptures, Jacob’s Trouble will begin its prophesied seven-year period.

Rupert Murdoch, board member of Genie Oil in the Golan, publishes the NIV Bible which proclaims, “For my own name’s sake I delay my wrath; for the sake of my praise I hold it back from you, so as not to destroy you completely.” Wrath is now delayed on “the great city called Sodom and Egypt,” till the Isaiah-prophesied Agreement with Sheol is signed with the Antichrist, to activate Jacob’s Trouble…

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