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Islam is flawed in its attempt to conquer the world.  Conquest has been a desire of tyrants since man appeared and if it had ever happened civilization would be a world of slavery and barbarism.  The Nazis sought to install a race of Aryans and met with defeat, The Soviets sought to install a cadre of “workers’ and that dissolved into renunciation.  Every time a class of people is designated rulers those being ruled have rebelled and in spurts and fits civilization has survived. This historical happening will not change no matter who tries to change this pattern.

The reason such a goal is a recipe for failure is the view that man is not an individual but can be tossed into a group that then can be conquered by another group.  The distinction of the losing group is some race, belief or ancestry that is inferior to the group that wants power because it has members who are pure either in race , belief or ancestry.  This pattern is universal and has a history of failure.  Simply designating superiority by decree whether claiming a divine origin, an accident of birth or an ancestry of poverty or wealth doesn’t make the individual automatically  a member of these designated classes.  And just as an individual leader promotes this attempt doomed for failure so too individuals arise to counter these attempts at conquest.

Imagine if you will the conquest of the Infidels where those professing Islam demand the Infidels to produce and they refuse. Imagine a state where the only means of maintaining this state of slavery is constant intimidation and fear.  This is the reality in Islamic states today, which produce nothing) and they want to spread this inhuman approach to the world. This explains why the freest countries are the most hated by Islam.  The most free countries represent the opposite of Islamic doctrine.  The Islamics know this reverence for individualism is their Achilles heel.  They do not recognize individual rights and if they did they would have to renounce their desire for an all ruling Caliphate.

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Ruling people who disagree with you can only be done by demeaning, intimidation and force. A society where you are free to pursue your goal instead of the rulers whims is anathema to a view that somehow perfect compliance will proceed from dissatisfaction by the slaves.  History shows this never happens.  Rebellion is a part of human nature as is the ability to think and decide that a ruler is also a man and has no right to destroy your life while implementing his desires.

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Islam is a religion that is the product of ancient bromides.  People lived by conquest and never realized the value of industrial production , only thievery and slavery.  The writers of the Qur’an took this pattern and formulated a plan to conquer not only by military means but coordinate it with claims of divine sanction.  This was also done by most who claimed the divide right of kings but not to the extent of the Islamists who tied their conquest dreams to a religion that is spread by intimidation and force.  They made their distinction not by race or ancestry but by what was believed.  The only requirement was to profess belief in this religion and you would be among the conquerers instead of the conquered.  A major flaw in their plan was the exoneration of lying to promote Islam.  This means you can’t trust the people in power to tell you the truth if things are going badly.  This is the Bagdad Bob flaw.

In addition there are the contradictions that require a “Law of Abrogation” to explain or defuse. The first words of Allah can be revised by the “Law of Abrogation” which means Allah had second thoughts and was really not all wise but has to revise as necessary.

Those in America who desire power and don’t realize they live in the last bastion of freedom on earth are destroying this fortress by apologizing for Islam in the name of reverence for all religion.  They don’t accept voodoo  or witchcraft but they are willing to accept Islam because of the numbers of followers.  The fact that these followers were intimidated and taken Into the fold by force doesn’t seem to register.  Thus they give sanction to a monstrous religion that has no place in the civilized world. They too have succumbed to intimidation.

Even with sanctions and accommodations Islam is on its death bed. Masses of slaves are no match for revealing ideas that point out what cannot be and will never be.  The promises of after death rewards are imaginary and cannot be substantiated by a living person.  The hateful requirements for material support of non-producing  “rulers’ only can result in resentment and rebellion.  Those who are following Islam and believe its nonsense are intellectual cowards unable to question their flawed premises because they are victims of intimidation and force without the courage to recognize it and stand up to it.  The appeasement of the politicians and the media doesn’t scratch the surface of this ancient nonsense.

Even with the allies of appeasement the truth will not go away. Islam is flawed intellectually, historically and internally.  Once it is realized it has no credibility , like Hillary Clinton it will become irrelevant and forgotten.

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Dale Netherton

Author of six published books, former Marine, forester, former plant services manager,former KT facilitator, former campgound builder and manager, handyman now retired to writing , chess , golf and fishing. ISU graduate, M.B.A. from Nova University and longtime supporter of ARI.


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