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It is now painfully clear political correctness has become a potion or poison that could destroy western civilization. It is not considered reasonable by Millennials, those born after 1984, the children of “1984,” more than not. They dare not be “judgmental.” Like your ditzy third grade teacher, they believe being nice means everyone will love you! Sorry, that is not the way the world works.

It all began in 622 AD; with a fantasy and the passion one man had for his first cousin. The fantasy became “The Holy Qur’an” and as the mores’ of the time prohibited marriage between cousins as idiocy and mental illness were more often seen in such children, marriage within families was prohibited.

At the beginning of the seventh century the people of the Arabian Peninsula were 1,000 years ahead of Europe in every discipline: science, math, map making, navigation, engineering and more. Thousands of scrolls and books were in libraries for all to read. This created social stratification, classes and social friction. Mohammed was illiterate, but dictated the Qur’an to scribes who saw potential in his ideas and the book became popular. Copies were made and it eventually dominated Arabia as it called for the elimination of all other books!

The Qur’an required all to “bow down to the Prophet,” Allah, the one-and-only god. Anyone refusing was to be killed. We can only speculate the success of Islam was due to a very large population of poor illiterates rebelling while led by men who could read from the Qur’an using it to gather and concentrate power. From this came Shariah Law with unbelievably harsh penalties that terrified the masses for a further concentration of power to the hands of the “Imams” who could read the Qur’an.

The Qur’an calls for world domination. Islam has been at war with the world since 622 AD and where it was popular with the greatest number of people when there was nothing but “manpower” it spread from Arabia through southern Europe all the way to western Spain where the tide was finally turned and the Moorish invaders were largely killed off with only tatters returning to homelands. Now they are breaking out once again. They never wanted peace or gave up the conflict. They have only been waiting for their time to come and now their greatest enemy is crippled by “Political Correctness,” “Non-judgmental,” “Fear-based Leading From Behind,” and all the other liberal nonsense.

We are in World War III and battlefields are our doorsteps. These people mean to bring the war to all of us, at least potentially. They do not come to assimilate. They gather in little enclaves to gain strength, build hate, have lots of children ready to die for Allah in their great holy war.

50% of all Muslims marry first cousins. The average IQ is now 80 and falling. In Denmark 64% of all Muslim children are illiterate after ten years of education, much of it specially adapted to their needs. They cannot learn! Since 1895, 122 years, 579 Nobel Prizes have been awarded. Nine have gone to Muslims, 1.5%, of the population. Five were Peace Prizes which are not a real “Nobel,” but sponsored by the Bank of Sweden and political. Three were team efforts where the Muslim was not the lead, but a subordinate and one was an individual chemist. This is a shocking record for a group that is 22% of the world population. They should have 127 outright.

The point is that Mohammed stumbled into a strategy that produced millions of mindless men would believe if the died for Allah they would receive eternal life in paradise with 72 palaces each with a virgin. It would appear that if their breeding program goes much farther each virgin is going to need printed instructions on her belly. This is an army of a kind we have not seen since the Kamikaze corps in Japan and they needed a lot of coaching where these need none. They are that stupid!

The elected ruling class, and “Lap dog media,” talk of “radicalized Muslims,” while it is all of them given the way they are bred. We have no chance of winning this war of survival if we do not define the enemy accurately and to date no official has. Why should that be?

Democrats see immigrants they champion as cheap votes and Republicans as cheap labor, but are catching on that equation no longer works when mindless jobs vanish having been shipped off to China. Even Harvard Ph.D. “political scientists,” cannot let go of this concept: So much for the bastardization of “science” again. Wasn’t “Greenhouse gas global warming we’re all gonna die!” enough?

The war is here and now. Attacks will come randomly. No program for this conflict. No computer will predict it. All high technology in DC secret basements is useless in a war that is as ephemeral as a fart in a field house. How do we win such a conflict? The strategy is amazingly simple.

Outlaw Islam. It may be a religion, but it is as evil as Satanism. We do not allow that. Require all Muslim immigrants to eat a ham sandwich before they are permitted to enter. Orthodox Jews can be granted a dispensation by a Rabbi so employ them at every port of Muslim entry and limit them to three: Miami, New York City and Los Angeles. Deport all Muslims that will not eat a ham sandwich and swear they deny the Qur’an, Shariah Law, etc. Ban all mosques or any Islamic relic, etc. as it is an evil theology worse than Satanism.

This is only the starting point we should take in an all-out assault on Islam in response to their total war on us. If we do not see this for the total war it is right now. This is World War III.

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