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Why is there no Islamic terrorism and terrorist attacks in Japan?!

Over the past 30 years, Muslims of Japan have not committed a single crime!
Japan is an amazing country, keeping its traditions and customs. To do this, they apply all possible legal and social forms of combating the spread of alien religions. Nobody, and probably never read on the Internet or the newspaper, that some Arab sheikh visited Japan. Try to remember … Okay, do not try.

There was no such thing, and here’s why:

1. A Muslim will never acquire citizenship in Japan. Japan is the only country that does not give citizenship to Muslims. It will not be possible to argue. Law is the law.

2. Muslims have no right to stay in Japan for a long time.

3. An attempt to spread Islam is a criminal offense. You can go to prison for a long time.

4. In Japan, there is not a single school where Arabic is taught.

5. The Koran is a forbidden book. You can not import it. Only the “adapted” version in Japanese is available.

6. Observance of Muslim prayers is allowed only in enclosed spaces. In the event that the rituals are seen by ordinary Japanese, a Muslim is threatened with prison.

7. It is strictly prohibited to speak Arabic.

8. Japan has virtually no embassies in the Arab countries.

9. Islam in Japan professes 0.00% of the Japanese.

10. A Muslim who has come to work in Japan has the right to work ONLY with a foreign company. Japanese companies do not hire people who profess Islam.

11. Visas to Japan are very rare for Muslims. Even famous doctors, scientists professing Islam have a hard time getting visa to Japan.

12. In employment contracts, it is often written that the employer has right to dismiss an employee without explanations if he learns of his Islamic faith.

13. Muslims are prohibited from renting houses in Japan, not to mention buying in property.

14. Translation of technical documentation from Japanese to Arab customers is carried out by non-Japanese companies.

15. Muslims are treated like outcasts. If someone in the area is a Muslim, the entire neigborhood will be treating him as a criminal.

16. The opening of Islamic schools can not even be discussed.

17. Japan does not accept Sharia law.

18. A Japanese woman caught in affair with a Muslim becomes an outcast of the society.

Conclusion: no Islam – no terror!!!

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