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Islam Incrementally Sanitizes YouTube

The Obama administration’s signing of ownership of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority – to the international Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – consigned the critical function of governance to the draconian globalist community, rendering the Web vulnerable to censorship by foreign powers, despite what the rules say. Needless to say, these “rules” have no mechanism of accountability.

The Muslim global conquest and spread of influence increases over the Internet with Obama’s Internet transfer of ownership. The spread of the Muslim empire includes a vile spread over the digital empire. YouTube behind the scenes is now acquiescing to Islamic incrementalism – here and there through censors, hackers, controllers.

When Indonesian Marxist Muslim Obama transferred Internet ownership to the international community, Obama knew exactly the benefits for Islamic countries with state-controlled media. That is, incrementally, Obama knew the Internet would come under increasing Sharia control, beginning with increasing subtle censorship of key Israeli video.

Muslims entrepreneurs play vital roles in regional startups around the world from Silicon Valley to Istanbul, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore, Singapore, Jakarta, London, Berlin, New York City, Casablanca and in dozens of other cities and startup communities. In Silicon Valley alone there are tens of thousands of Muslims embedded in every layer of the tech and startup community.

For some time, there has been an alarmingly high rate of suicide among Silicon Valley’s young-American technical and innovative staff.  This warrants full investigation!  Vigileaks strongly believes a covert social engineering is designed for this result. President Trump needs to return these tens of thousands of Silicon Valley positions to indigenous Americans unfairly denied these openings.  To young Americans equally or better qualified – than the tens of thousands of geek Muslims happily displacing them.

Only 3% of the Internet is viewable by the public.  97% is the Darknet which includes Muslim sales of western females and children into sex slavery.  But Muslims are no longer content with accessing this 97% – as the rest of the Internet is incrementally plunged into its darkness.

The expertise for the incremental Sharia takeover of the Internet exists and the subtle, nearly imperceptible takeover is underway. Control is starting to be noticed when YouTube videos easily display sensitive Israeli videos one night and “disappear” the next. These include excellent series by Vox on settlements in the West Bank – replaced the following night with vitriolic anti-Vox videos.

This censorship may be due to the actual deletion of some Israeli videos – while others are fudged by Silicon Valley Muslims for obstructed availability on the YouTube search engine. Like incremental Sharia Law in society, it is a slow process, to stay unnoticed while doing a virtual political takeover and tipping the scales of international public opinion to what amounts to Islamic state-run media.

Even through no fault of, the only iPatriot page Vigileaks could not link to today was a favorable article on Prime Minister Netanyahu.  After several tries, a connection was made.  But for those less persevering, the connection would not have been realized…. 

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