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Last night, to my Surprise I was rigorously evangelized by a Muslim male about age 30.
He lavished gifts upon me including the following:

* A black bag containing the gifts was black and silver with silver pentagrams. This combination is also normal for Satanists! At the very least, this is one of many proofs Islam is Satanism, whether or not such Muslims are consciously following the Satanic spirit. (Islam as literal Satanism is well defined on YouTube)

*  In the black-and-silver bag were 2 new and very thick books on Islam: The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam and World Crisis and the Pathway to Peace, the latter discussing the urgent need for “world peace” and “global security.”

*  Then a brochure on their “Messiah” and “Saviour of the World.” The Muslim “Jesus in India” alone claims to be the Light. But instead of citing references from the Quran, there are EIGHT REFERENCES to the New Testament to “support” “Jesus in India.”  This is propagandized by and and Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at.and an invitation to attend a local mosque is proffered…

*  Following is an expensive “Christmas card” in the beautiful, seductive script saying, “In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful Reward of Goodness,” followed by a quote from “The Holy Qur’an 19-97.”

Also are chocolate Santas and other gifts. For those who recall C.S. Lewis, the chocolate Santas are the equivalent to “Turkish Delight” used to seduce unsuspecting children. All attractively packaged to de-Christianize, de-nationalize, de-stabilize and, if you will, de-Constitutionalize.  The deceiving Muslims have deceived themselves into being slaves as proxies for the New World Order agenda.

A maximum “push of deception” is now underway, this Christmas season, by those volunteering to further the anti-Constitutional causes of Political Islam. But the Bible words glare from New Testament pages with a deafening, “Let no man deceive you!”

This is a maximum push of deception for their “dark money” Gulen-advancing Imam Mahdi. In the final analysis, to ultimately convert Christians and other world religions and secular to become dhimmi, second-class citizens not Muslims by birth, useful for their 51% demographic to enact Sharia Law. Be forewarned: the dhimmi are always given the lower paying jobs and higher taxes. This will be the inevitable outcome for the uninformed who convert to Islam this Christmas season across North America!

Saul Alinsky’s Lucifer never sleeps and is more aggressive than ever!  Consider.  The blatant audacity of using Christmas and New Testament verses to strongly advance the Islamic “Messiah.” Such sheer Deception is incredible!  Try evangelizing them at Ramadan…

Of particular note is that these are especially distributed in areas intensely populated with people from India, so the “Jesus in India” is a highly conscious manipulation to an uninformed population from India.  For those prospects not from India, Islam is relying on the belief of youthful folly and idealism that “The grass is always greener in other cultures.” You may recall the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (with a Ph.D. in physics) started this transvaluation of values for other cultures, a Nietzschean view utilized by Hitler and now out in the open by Muslim evangelists.

Was Mr. Samuel Huntington silly and wrong, when he predicted “a clash of cultures” in North America? No clash here! No matter Islam has been de-Christianizing for 13 centuries. The Christian community is completely de-sensitized, soft and indifferent, in effect welcoming the dispossession of their Christian Republic, culture and lifestyle!

“Twas the night before Christmas,
Muslims evangelize your house,
Not a Christian is stirring,
Not even a mouse….”

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