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While western societies are fighting a few Islamists at the front door, many thousands more are pouring in by the back door! EVERY DAY in Europe.

In the USA they are entering by way of Mexico, knowing that Obama lovingly supports and welcomes their adverse effect on America. And a wide variety of Islamic councils are pushing hard for the USA to recognise the ‘need’ for sharia.

In Europe, the same subversion is going on. The Muslim Law Council in the UK is bleating that if the government offered an ‘alternative’ to sharia, “90% of the work of sharia councils would end”. (Moulana Raza, Director of the MLC). But, hold on a second – that is just double-talk! He is effectively saying that if the UK enshrined sharia in British law, then it would be doing the work of sharia courts! Rather than allow Islam to dictate to the UK how to rule, the UK should just shut down the sharia courts and demand obedience to British law!

Conversions in Prisons

Then, we have a notorious murderer, Peter Sutcliffe. He has been offered protection by Muslim inmates if he converts to Islam. Expect him to convert any time soon! As a Muslim he would get preferential treatment (did you know Muslims are given more benefits than other prisoners?) – he’d get a special diet, more time out of his cell, and can refuse certain kinds of prison work! Now, that’s called gall! (Source: Gatestone Institute). With every small concession comes an even bigger loss of western freedoms. Why should Islamists have extra time out of their cells?

The infamous Muslim, Anham Chowdary, imprisoned for over five years, but who will get out in half that time, warns that he will just carry on in prison. He claims he will radicalise every one of the inmates! This is probably true, because inmates hate the justice system anyway and will enjoy another excuse to hit back and ‘be famous’. Choudary is correct – he says prisons are a “fertile ground for gaining more converts”. He will just run with it and make things even worse in Britain.

British Islamists are a very real and present danger. Like the Muslim who verbally assaulted a Muslim girl because he thought her jeans were too tight. Not only did he abuse her in public but he threatened to follow her to her home and blow it up! No white man would get away with that. But, he did.

Another Islamic murderer, Tanveer Ahmed, after killing a UK Muslim shopkeeper for ‘disrespecting Islam’, gloated over the murder and for sending his victim “to hell with the help of Allah, the prophet, angels and saints. Whoever is listening to my voice must make a resolve to protect the finality of the prophethood. There is only one punishment for insulters: cut off their heads, cut off their heads, cut off their heads.” This is everyday language and intimidation in Europe and the UK! And no-one does anything about it.

Is this unreality to do with fear of Islamic retaliation? Or, is it deeper – maybe handouts from Saudi or some other big-money source?

The answer to prison conversions (and further Islamic terror) is very simple: put Muslims into single cells, and don’t let them exercise with other prisoners, or mix with them for any reason. And don’t give them special privileges. They live in the West and must put up with Western ways.

In the UK many local councils are experiencing a sharp increase in ‘unaccompanied children’, who they are forced to look after. But, most of them are aged 16 or 17. That is an age when many gangs terrorise neighbourhoods and commit crimes. Don’t let emotion rule – those same ‘kids’ will soon act like the other Islamists. Islamic violence is already a fixed feature throughout Britain and will soon become rooted in the USA.

In Britain, one police chief (West Midlands) said he’d welcome police officers wearing the burka! What a fool! How can a woman in a burka run after criminals? And doesn’t he think such a sight would lead to jokes and ridicule? It is a PC action, designed to appease Islam.

Also in England the first Muslim site for polygamy was started, though it is against the law. But, who cares? We SHOULD care, because it is yet another Islamic inroad, Every inroad is like a woodworm… enough woodworm in your house and it will collapse! Add genital mutilation to the list – 80 cases in just one UK city alone – and the numbers of woodworm increases! No-one is charged with the crime.

Then there is the English teacher who ‘spilled the beans’, that her Muslim young people were not interested in learning English to get a job – because they were very happy getting free benefits. One of my sons is regularly unemployed through no fault of his own, but he has to jump through MANY hoops to obtain unemployment benefits! But, Muslims? They don’t have to comply.

As for sharia – make its use a crime, and ban sharia. Full stop. No quibbling or thinking allowing sharia will somehow appease Muslims. It won’t. Nothing appeases Muslims. It isn’t in their vocabulary! All Muslims want is total compliance from westerners. It is ‘Allah or else’. The ‘or else’ is coming whether or not we allow sharia to rule.

Also in the UK, employers are being asked to be ‘sharia friendly’ by complying with rules of employment made by Islam. Rules that give an unfair advantage and benefit that UK citizens don’t enjoy. And they are told that avoiding eye contact and not shaking hands is ‘not impolite’. Sorry, but I don’t buy that! It is another case of Islamic superiority used to shun a host country and employer! Get real.

In other words, we are seeing submission by the West to an invading force. We must immediately STOP the cowardice before things get even more serious. 9/11 should have been an obvious warning to everyone. The answer to a snarling dog is simple – bop him hard on the nose, and if he gets worse, put him down. Islam must be thrown back across the pond. If Islamic countries want to be slaves, then let them enjoy it. The West (apart from Obama, Clinton, the EU and UN) don’t want to be bullied by Islam. We want it to just shut up and leave. What’s so hard about that? If you don’t want Ebola, then don’t go near a country that has it! If you don’t want Islam – tell it to go away and never come back.

Mormon comes to your door in black suits and a smile. JW comes with a man and woman, pestering at meal times. But, Islamists come to your door with a knife and axe. Is it hard to guess what most people would prefer?

We must act NOW if we want to get rid of sharia and Islam. This has nothing at all to do with democracy – Islam hates democracy so why do we offer it to Islamists who wish to do us harm? How can Obama say that people are ‘unAmerican’ if they deny Islamists the right to enter the USA? Is it ‘unAmerican’ to want to live in peace, to stop terrorism, and to stop murders and loss of freedoms?

Islam is like no other pseudo-religion, because it advocates murder and violence against all who reject Allah. For me, Islamic marketing doesn’t work too well! And I don’t respond to threats of compliance. Do you? If this is for you, then you can go to the Middle East, taking the Islamists with you! No doubt you’ll enjoy being oppressed.or killed. When political will ceases, the people take action. I foresee civil war if nothing is done to stop the rot.



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