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The question was asked, “Is Trump winning the shutdown fight?”

The shutdown fight? Not the wall fight? Hmm.

The federal government is only partially shut down. (State and local governments aren’t shut down at all.)

I suppose, for those who want big government and for those who want the government to take care of them from the womb to the tomb, that’s appalling.

For those who want a smaller federal government that does only what the Constitution allows it to do, it would be better for the entire federal government to be limited to only essential services. Perhaps then we would see the uselessness of many of the federal bureaucracies and rejoice at the freedom we would gain when they are disbanded.

Many complain about federal employees not getting paychecks. But do we really want to pay people great salaries to do things that:

  1. Aren’t essential (are arguably not even beneficial and often detrimental to us).
  2. Cause us more red tape and taxes.
  3. Aren’t allowed by the Constitution.

Perhaps the people not getting paychecks would do better to find other work like the rest of us have to when we get laid off. (After all, if Congress really wanted that work to be done, it would have funded it before last September like it was supposed to.)

Bottom line is:  We’d all be better off if even more of the government were shut down.

And then there’s the wall.

Like it or not, our taxes pay for walls for other countries. (Look it up.) Those walls, and even the fence in San Diego are very effective. (Check the statistics.)

We’re already the third most populated country in the world. If we allowed everyone to come here who wanted to come here, our population would far exceed that of China and our prosperity would drop to less than North Korea’s. Then everyone would want to leave. But we would have lost the ideals and the culture that made us prosperous in the first place.

It is not true that evil people will be nice to you if you are nice to them. There are evil people who want to come to this country to kill, rape, terrorize, sell drugs, sell young girls as sex slaves, etc. No law will stop them because they don’t obey laws. Would you rather try to comfort their victims? Or would you rather keep evil people out?

Then there are those who come to work. They don’t want to be American; they just want our prosperity. But they don’t want to adopt the principles that bring prosperity. So they work under the table, hoping to send enough money home so they can return to their own countries in relative wealth. Have you ever looked into how many are actually able to gain that wealth? But they wind up costing the American taxpayer billions of dollars a year.

The wall is the first step. Aside from being a physical barrier that forces people to come through the border checkpoints, it’s also a symbol to the rest of the world that they can’t just sneak in and do anything they want. If they come here, they must come legally and they must contribute.

Another great step would be mandatory e-Verify for all employees and for all government services including welfare, food stamps, etc. Illegal aliens could be treated for emergency medical needs, but only enough to make their condition stable enough to safely transport them to a hospital in their own country.

Illegal aliens are costing us a lot in tax money, in jobs, and in physical danger. But there’s more:

We used to allow 250,000 legal immigrants a year. For many years now, we’ve allowed over a million legal immigrants a year (and many more illegal aliens).

Allowing too many immigrants, and allowing immigrants who don’t want to be American and aren’t taught American principles, are costing us our culture of liberty based on hard work and godliness. Those principles and that culture are what made our nation strong and prosperous. Once they’re gone, we will be weak and poor, just like the countries today’s illegal aliens come from.

So, is Trump winning? I pray to God he is, because if he does, so do we all!

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