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I like Bernie Sanders, even if he is from “Liberal Vermont”.

However, he is a New Yorker that followed the voters, just as Hillary came to New York to run for Senator. They both scurried to where-ever the most Liberal voters were. Bernie followed the crowd, Hillary followed the votes.

I did not like what Hillary did to him, but it was no surprise.

That was a dirty trick. But what was revealed after that, about him, caused me to turn my vote away.

Here is a man that is very comfortable financially. In addition, after Hillary squeezed him out, he purchased a third home in Vermont.

I am aware the Republicans and others have a very comfortable life also, but I don’t see or hear them screaming about the oppressive government, or how the people are treated. They (Republicans) talk about helping the minorities and working man to improve their lives; not how the government will take care of them personally with all the entitlements. That is basically “buying” votes. The Democrats want to share the wealth, but not theirs, just yours and mine.

They (Democrats) show their stupidity by promising all life’s necessities to the Citizenry, but not at all how it will be supported. Where will the money come from for all these goodies if nobody is paying taxes? That is basically why and how Socialism never lasts very long. These people do not think past their nose. They don’t care about tomorrow. They will be retired and living a comfortable life by then, and confident that others after them, will find a way to keep the Country going. They remind me of little children who expect some Genie will come along and make everything right.

The Millennials in our Country unknowingly see their parents as the “Genie”. But they, too, just as the Country, will be gone, and so too their money with them, as it will be spent on all the Government entitlements.

It is a sad state of affairs we face today. A very important election is on the Horizon. And now we have these “caravans” heading our way. I absolutely can not consider this to be comprised of folks looking for asylum. It is too convenient to be happening so soon to the election. And the previous nonsense when the children were supposedly separated from parents…. does anyone realize that was an old law on the books? Back in Obama time that was there.

But when Trump did it, he sure got everybody’s attention, didn’t he?

And I think it worked. Except it appears that the Liberals drowned out the fact it was an Obama law. And when the White House tried to compromise with Schumer and Pelosi for Immigration Law change, it fell apart. That was one instance when their hypocrisy came out blaring; when Trump gave in to their request about DACA, they changed their mind and wouldn’t compromise; but no one could accept it and the Media kept it real quiet.

Bottom line here folks; I honestly believe that Evil is afoot. Read your Bible! If you understand the writings, the words will smack you in the face. I refer to the passages about the ‘end of times’; the “Evil and the Good” specifically.

All Democrats are not bad or evil; just those who have been assimilated into a certain mindset. Pray for them. Save our Republic.

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