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By Jeff Dunetz and Wes Walker,

Now that Pelosi no longer holds that gavel, McCarthy has authority over, among other things, the release of the footage from January 6th.

The left is incensed over it. They are clutching their pearls. They didn’t care when private personal tax information was unlawfully leaked to the public. They hardly bat an eye when Trump or some Republican gets their rights infringed by a too-aggressive left-leaning government official with enforcement powers.

But allowing the public to see context BEYOND the cherry-picked details the ‘Impeach Trump’ activist crowd has permitted us to see, and suddenly it’s a whole other story.

News media wakes from two years of slumber and cries ‘foul’ that it might leak some important secret information. Or that they aren’t given access to this same information.

The same networks who were only too happy to air leaked Abu Garib information suddenly have grave concerns about government secrets being manipulated by people with agendas.

Today, without even a scintilla of self-awareness, Chuck Schumer himself used that ‘temple of democracy’ as the left has taken to calling the Senate to directly address the owners of Fox News. You see, Chuckie isn’t a big fan of the truth. Everything is politics. In fact, he would toss his family under a bus to get one more vote.

But in this case, he is throwing Fox News under the bus for having the nerve to show videos of the 1/6 riot Democrats in Congress have refused to share with the American public because it ruins the January 6th narrative they sold to the American people.

The First Amendment explicitly prohibits the government from pressuring news media about what they can and cannot write. But Schumer uses nothing less than the bully pulpit of the well of the Senate itself to lean on Tucker Carlson’s boss because he doesn’t like what Tucker Carlson is saying about elected Democrats and their misuse\ of the Capital Riot for personal political gain.

The first question that comes to my mind when I hear this is a simple one: “was that a threat, Senator Schumer?”

Nice network you’ve got there. Be a shame if someone we appointed were to do something horrible to it.

Another question that comes to mind looking at that video is how come no one taught him how to wear glasses? The tip of his nose must be sore.


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