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When I was growing up, homosexuality was never mentioned and there was almost no evidence of it in our streets. We certainly didn’t talk about it – because it was a non-subject. But, today, homosexuality forces its way into everyday life, not by the choice of free people, but by the demands of sexualisers of society, who form a very small fraction of the less than 1%* who claim to be ‘homosexual’. (*The actual figure after adjustments).

It is seen everywhere, on television, in newspapers, magazines and in books. It is heard on radio and in governmental debates. It is even within our churches. And to add insult to injury, those who practice this gateway to disease, make laws to demonise decent folks. If this sounds shocking, it is only because society has been brainwashed to accept what is unnatural, unhealthy and dangerous, as ‘good’. Indeed, homosexuality is condoned by many of the larger denominations, so long as it is “in the context of a steady loving monogamous relationship”. In this way they ditch God’s commands and the real attitudes of millennia.

Homosexual pressure groups call those who insist on opposing homosexuality such names as ‘bigots’ or ‘Nazis’ and claim Hitler put homosexuals to death in the ovens of prison-camps. What they fail to say is they were put to death by fellow homosexuals! They also conveniently forget that the original Brownshirts and SS were comprised of homosexuals, put there because of their bloodlust and enjoyment of violence). Others shout ‘homophobic’ (an irrational fear of mankind)… a word they themselves coined and which is utterly meaningless.

So – are all these people correct? Should we now bury our ‘prejudices’ and allow gay men and women to follow their lifestyle without social or legal comment?

Homosexuality is the Sexual Expression of Sodomy

 NO! NEVER! Christians who allow such a sinful thing to happen must be disciplined and/or warned of their spiritual laxity. Homosexuality (a part of sodomy in the Bible; see the article on this on my website) is a parody of the God-made man-woman relationship. It is certainly not a true or a loving relationship, but is based entirely on lust, perversity, and control, according to scripture. Underlying it is an intense hatred for those who oppose sin… there is no gentleness or ‘love’ in the homosexual heart (it is found only in gay propaganda and on TV/in films)! This hatred also extends to their owns elves, as strikingly alarming police data proves… ‘homosexual’ couples are the most violent in domestics.

The whole thing about homosexuality is that it is not (as so many today claim) just another form of loving, or a normal kind of relationship. Far from it! Nor is the ‘gay’ life part of a whole, natural, ‘gay community’, but is simply a sordid and perilous outworking of the human heart at its most depraved (again, this is a scriptural description). There IS no ‘community’ of gays, because numbers who turn to gay are very fluid, and most leave it after a short ‘taste’. Thus, supposed ‘communities’ are just sexual bad-choicers who happen to mingle together (for sex). Would you refer to kerb-crawlers as a ‘community’?

Is homosexuality just one ordinary sin amongst many? Look at the account of Sodom, for example. God is not on record for destroying cities because some inhabitants were, say, thieves. But, when it came to Sodom and the surrounding area, God warned His people to stay away at all costs. He then called Lot and his family out of Sodom because He was going to utterly destroy it… which He did in the most spectacular manner (as archaeology is finding out). In the New Testament God calls what gays do ‘an abomination’ worthy of eternal judgment.

Read the Old Testament warnings and penalties concerning homosexuality… in no way can we see ‘tolerance’ in these texts. On several occasions kings removed sodomites from amongst the people, either by death or by expulsion. Go to Romans chapter one and see what Paul has to say about sodomy. We are left in no doubt whatever that sodomy is a sinful activity to be shunned by us and to be punished by God. Indeed, God zoned-in on sodomy (a far better description than ‘homosexuality’) because it is gross anarchy, destructive of normality and freedom.

In God’s Eyes, They are the ‘Walking Dead’

 Christians – especially ministers – who claim to be homosexual, must be disciplined. If they (and their newest sex product, transgender) continue. This includes banishment from the local church until and if they repent and turn away from their perversion (called an abomination by God). Church discipline is an important activity which must not be conveniently forgotten, just to be PC. As you can guess, I am NOT PC and care nothing for pro-gay arguments.

The declared or discovered homosexual is a source of shame to the local church; he or she is insolent before the Lord and has no option but to repent and never to return to sexual perversion, or, if this is ignored, be cast out of fellowship. If the person is a ‘minister’ then he must be removed immediately from his office.

Whether the person is a minister or not, he/she must be disciplined in public, if the sin is publicly known. And, if he or she wishes to return to the local church, repentance must be proved before there is to be any kind of acceptance. Some will spurn the discipline and simply attend another local church. If this is known to happen, then the pastor of the other local church must be informed and told that the person is still under discipline. Thus, the discipline is passed on. Discipline shunned is another sign of depravity. Discipline is absolutely necessary, to stop further pollution of the local church. And because it honours God.

The Bible tells us homosexuality is not just a sexual sin. It is the conclusion of a long period of a severe and worsening conglomeration of sins. It is the end result of years of wanton, brazen, disregard for God’s word and laws, often kept hidden. It is also a biological perversion. Today we have AIDS… and despite what experts try to tell the public, in the West the proven source of AIDS was homosexuality! Even heterosexual AIDS can be traced back to homosexuality. Thus, sodomy has its own rewards. Today, the majority of AIDS is found amongst gays. The rest can be traced back to gays. It is a judgment from God. As is transgender, the newest form of ‘gay’.

By its very nature (read your Bible!) sodomy is a state of hardened depravity. So it is very difficult to oppose or to counsel. Many sodomites are reprobates, already given over by God, so results of gospel witness will be poor. The first step is to openly and publicly oppose homosexuality with Biblical truth. The second step is to tell homosexuals they are bound for hell unless they heed God’s word and repent. Only then can gospel witness be given. Some, of course, blatantly boast they would prefer an eternity in hell to never knowing homosexual ‘love’. Well, when they die, they will have their heart’s desire – but it won’t be good, pleasant or kind.

None of this is what liberal churches and homosexuals wish to hear, but I am bound to say it amidst the awful and wicked laws supporting an evil sexual regime that is killing many millions and preventing criticism of its totalitarian nature. (Which is also why I likened it to Islamism in an earlier article). My purpose? Simply, to tell the truth and prevent further erosion of godly values and biblical facts. With this in mind I am impervious to gay slander!


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