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When the parties become too powerful and decide for the citizen what is best.Time for a change.

We can see how time seems to always repeat itself in some form.

America has an opportunity to look squarely in the mirror of a destitute man or woman and ask, is this the America that the Founding Fathers envisioned? Is this the America that is portrayed in the Constitution? Do I vote for the best person for the office, or for the one that makes me most giddy? The Blue and the Red are so far out of touch of the average American, we find solstice in those who are willing to go door to door to speak with citizens. We need a leader in America that does just that. A leader who listens, is honorable, has integrity, and puts America before all else. We have swayed in the wind from the embers of socialism to the kites of Nazism, and neither works in the capitalistic Democratic Republic.

We hear demands of tearing apart capitalistic businesses, controlling businesses, and people cheer this on. We see politicians who have sexually abused the young, show racism and bigotry and believe in Supremacy and cheer them on. No, we do not need empty grocery stores, or people taken to prison for what they believe, who they love, or where they come from. We need to stand strong on the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration states, “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men{today that means men, women, and children} are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness….” Why does anyone believe that they are above this declaration and stand with torches ready to hurt or meme those of other colors, creeds, races, genders, or sexuality?

Both of these two parties spend their days and nights on how they can control America. They both feel that they know better than you and your neighbor what is best in your neighborhood, village, town, city, county or state. The response should always be a resounding NO!!! How can a lifelong politician know what it is like to struggle on a day to day basis to clothe, feed, and house a young family? How do they know what it is like not to have savings for emergencies? How do the rich, wealthy, and well connected know these? The answer is simple, they do not know.

We need socialistic programs like food, clothing, shelter, and retirement. We need conservative programs like do not change what is working. Do not spend more than you have, and have a strong military to secure the freedom and safety of all citizens. We need to look at education, immigration, incarceration and other items including the Environment, but these need to come as sincere efforts of both the right and the left coming to the middle. The purple, which is the majority of America falls within this arena and believe in social governance on people and conservative governance on spending. Why is it that politicians do not understand the simplest of ideas?


America must first and foremost care for their young, their elderly, the military veterans and the downtrodden before financing another country. When America can state sincerely and honestly that each person has enough food, clothing to stay warm, and adequate housing, then it can tell others it is time to change. When America provides medical insurance for all, education so that everyone can look toward a life of living and not just surviving. That every person regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or homeland can share in the prosperity of America. Then America needs to continue within its own borders before preaching to others. When the infrastructure of power and communications, and fuels that are the cleanest in the world, America then can challenge others. America needs a Leader who can walk down the aisle and bring people from all sides to the table to challenge these obstacles.

No longer can the American citizen sit back and judge every good leader out of their support. No longer can the American citizen sit back and not vote. No longer can the America Voter accept mediocrity or worse in their leader. No longer can America form a support train under one of the two flags of either blue or red. No longer can the American voter not consider the independent or integrity driven candidate. No longer can the America voter accept a life of survival over living!

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