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I see it happening, all around me; in the overly-biased Media, and on the panel/talk shows of grossly mislead Liberal supporters, and sadly, in our Universities.

And now, today, June 14th (Flag Day), I see an appalling occurrence on a baseball field in Washington D.C. Not being a “conspiracy pusher”, my thoughts are that we have a deranged individual that is attempting to start further trouble between the Party factions of Congress; or a serious minded leftist fanatic that hopes to create further animosity among and between our already-divided Citizenry.

Let us first remember to pray for those wounded, to support their families in their hours of anxiety and hope, and to push hard against those who would divide us. And a big heart-felt thank you for the two Police Officers that defended our leaders, while suffering wounds themselves.

I will not give credence to any theories coming from our Media, or anyone else for that matter. Let us simply use this event to pull us together; put aside Party loyalty, and bring forth Patriotism.

Enough already of the childish high-school attitude “us vs. them”. We are all Americans. Outside forces are using our freedoms and liberties to enhance their agenda of World rule. It is time to stop these agitators in their tracks. Let us stop putting labels and names to each other. We have many parties, organizations, and departments within our Government. Most are good Americans with just a different slant on processes and protocols. But the evil within these would-be disruptors has reared its ugly head and infiltrated the minds of many. They are using time-worn tactics to influence those who have forgotten Patriotism, which must and should out-weigh Party Loyalty. Loyalty is commendable, but not at this time of invasion and intrusion into our revered Republic, and our American way of life. Loyalty to our Flag, to our Republic, and to each other is our truest and best weapon to fight off these malcontents that are so fanatically jealous of our ability to maintain a free Society in the World today.

I believe I am detecting a small amount of conciliation after the incident on the baseball field. Let us hope it will grow. Those in the Liberal Democratic faction must absolutely stop picking at everything that President Trump says and does. He is Human, and therefore not perfect, any more than you or I. He truly loves this Country, and is doing what he promised us in his campaign. At times, it seems his detractors are looking for details and innuendos’ that they can pull apart. And more than once they have been caught in outright lying and hypocrisy. There is no need for this. We have never had so much violence and animosity following our election. The climate during the campaign may have contributed to the outcome. I would like to interject here that the 2016 Election campaign was as nasty, and aggressive, and intense as the Democratic Party campaign for the nomination by the Party; but after the voting was concluded, Mrs. Clinton seemed to jump right on the Obama bandwagon. I thought she was doing the right thing, but it appears she just wanted to keep her hand in the pie.

I do believe, in my own opinion, that much, if not most, could have been avoided if Hillary Clinton had shown a more professional response to losing the Election to Donald Trump. Her behavior, I feel, was totally inexcusable; it bordered on hysteria, on a gross Narcissistic reaction. One could almost assume that she had a psychological breakdown, or meltdown. Had she appeared to her loyal supporters after the finality of the vote was done, instead of sending a staff member; if she had congratulated her opponent on winning, and then call for unity; for all Americans regardless of party, to work together supporting our Government, I think we would be seeing a different America today. Her non-action was, I believe, the catalyst to put us on the road to destruction that we are on today. She has not yet accepted her loss. I don’t think she ever will; and as long as her demeanor continues on this path, so shall her supporters follow.


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