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Across the South and North lie buried the remains of soldiers who fought and died during the Civil War.

They are America’s own.

Yet none are ours to do with as we please. None are ours to disturb or to dishonor. They were buried by parents, spouses, and children. Monuments and statues were erected, placed in select locations by those who remembered and valued their loved ones lives and sacrifices.

They of that generation established what was important and of value in their generation for their generation and for generations to come, including ours.

It is not a privilege or right of protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia or elsewhere to dishonor monuments and statues bequeathed to ours and future generations. Such an exercise of privilege has not only been an offense to the honored dead but is also an injustice to countrymen of the time that revered and remembered their valiant heroes and loved ones with meaningful tokens of their respect.

What the DNC’s protesters are attempting to do to Charlottesville they wouldn’t do to any country, they wouldn’t do to the worst of our nation’s past or present enemies. We have fought wars overseas. We have suffered enemies that committed terribly inhumane acts. Would the DNC send protesters overseas to Japan or Germany for the purpose of organizing, demanding those countries tear down their monuments and statues honoring their war dead? No. It’s quite safe to say they never would. Yet the DNC has seen fit to unhallow the memory and ground of fellow deceased Americans.

Why was Charlottesville not spared?

Truth be told the DNC crossed an ocean, an ocean more of time than place, went way out of their way to dishonor our Civil War’s war dead. The irony being the Confederate Army’s war dead? Were mostly Democrats. The Left in Charlottesville is dishonoring its own. Maybe for a reason, hoping by such self immolation, through such self sacrifice they can later demand the nation remove statues and monuments honoring some of our most cherished founders, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

This recent exercise of privilege in Charlottesville was months in the making, did not appear in an instant, began months ago, in October of 2016, when Vice Mayor Bellamy of Charlottesville threw down some kindling wood, proposed to city council the removal of General Robert E Lee’s and General Stonewall Jackson’s statues. The swift but sure response of most of the city’s residents was a resounding, “No!” This fact is readily evident from journalists’ reporting from the time.

Due to a strong oppositional public outcry, the city allowed community organized public hearings to be held, attended by more opponents to removal than protesters for removal. Representing the Alt Left “side” were individuals identifying themselves as Antifa, BLM, and trade union rank and file. They came prepared, all on cue holding up identical light blue signs that read, “Remove the Statue.”

No KKK or White Supremacists showed up during the hearings. Yet as one citizen after another spoke in support of keeping the Lee and Jackson statues, Alt Left participants interrupted relentlessly, cajoled council to remove at least one John Heyden from a hearing before finishing his remarks, and accused one defender of the statues after another of being right wing fascists, Nazis, and bigoted racists. By means of making such totally unfounded accusations the DNC added decent, upstanding, patriotic Charlottesville citizens to the rolls of the Alt Right daily.

As mentioned before community organizers controlled the meetings, including one: “…Councilor Szakos, a community organizer with close ties to Barack Obama, [he] characterized the crowd’s angry, petulant outbursts as, ‘probably stuff we needed to hear.’” The primary point being Charlottesville didn’t start a week or two ago with a video or with a KKK/White Supremacist presence at public hearings held months earlier.

One attendee of note, Jason Kessler, also showed up at the public hearings. He had been an Obama supporter up until only a few months before the Vice Mayor’s motion to remove Lee’s and Jackson’s statues. His support of Obama-like policies and causes is indicated by his participation in an Obama presidential campaign as a volunteer and a week he spent, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, in an Occupy Wall Street camp in New York City. And it’s reported he supported such Left-wing causes as the call for an assault weapons ban, the defeat of capitalism, and the adoption of Obama’s reckless nuclear deal with Iran. For some reason the media characterized Kessler as a right wing White Supremacist zealot, friendly to the KKK. But nothing in his background researched so far suggests a requisite long term, length and breadth of focused interest necessary to label him a wild-eyed, violent, bigoted, racist White supremacist. This same Jason Kessler is credited by most as the primary organizer of the Unite the Right Rally held in Charlottesville.

Gas was poured on Bellamy’s smoldering woodpile when someone, presumably at DNC headquarters, contacted their at one time publicly highly praised and adored KKK and other closely aligned White supremacist members, those whom they have lately much abused. They were directed to attend the rally and shown how they could take up the reins of Kessler’s Unite the Right Rally for the DNC’s own nefarious purposes.

Which means when President Trump said good people were at the rally, he wasn’t kidding. The decent people were there first, those invited to the rally before any Alt Right knew they were informed to show up in support of the good citizens of Charlottesville. The good citizens were Democrats for the most part, proud of a wonderful heritage passed down to them. They were quite unwilling to dishonor their war dead just for the sake of pleasing other Democrats undeniably upset they had lost in November, perhaps subconsiously peeved they had lost the war to the North one hundred fifty years before.

There’s an alignment of purpose between what Trump calls the Alt Left, (which the Left vehemently denies exists) and the Alt Right, (which the Right vehemently denies exists, even while Bill Kristol claims he can see Trump’s Alt Right voters with both eyes shut, without standing on Sarah Palin’s porch.) Both Alt groups have worked tirelessly to see to it the White race maintains a majority in the American population; the KKK given the ideas and arguments for achieving White supremacy by Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood given the means of achieving White supremacy by the same Margaret Sanger.

Quite wisely, founder Margaret Sanger didn’t let PP in on why she wanted so many Black babies killed to achieve White supremacy. But by some slight of hand she was able to provide them the means of killing millions of Black babies before they could see the light of day, or occasionally only after barely seeing the light of day.

Which just might remind the reader of a 1937, Cary Grant, Irene Dunne movie titled The Awful Truth. Two individuals in the movie, though uncredited, drive the point home, just how difficult it is for an Alt Left spouse: Planned Parenthood and an Alt Right spouse: the KKK to maintain and contain mutual marital bliss, all the while keeping their various parents, in-laws, siblings, and children harmoniously in line.

At the beginning of the scene PP Dunne is on the phone with her lawyer Edmund Mortimer informing him she wants a divorce from KKK Grant. DNC Mortimer, thinking he might talk PP Dunne out of her hasty notion tries to inspire her with an all but unarguable truism, “Marriage is a wonderful thing.” He’s unable to drive the point home though because his wife Sarah Edwards barges in and announces dinner is waiting. He acknowledges her, then starts over.

Again DNC Mortimer builds up to, “Marriage is a wonderful thing.” On cue his wife BLonlyM Edwards in a very short, belligerent manner insists he drop the phone and eat, making it clear maybe marriage isn’t always so great, 24/7 that is; especially when it is DNC Mortimer’s persistent desire to save PP Dunne’s and KKK Grant’s marriage. (In the event you don’t want to watch the whole movie while on pins and needles waiting for this short one to two minute routine, a YouTube video is available close by, here, somewhere.)

In the movie, as in real life, DNC Mortimer was ultimately defeated, perhaps due to his wife BLonlyM Edwards calling everyone a racist that wasn’t Black. Persistently, inconveniently, her dispiriting intrusions labeled everyone that didn’t look like her a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe, or xenophobe. But what really stretched the moviegoers mooring of belief was the crazed notion on the face of it that KKK Grant and PP Dunne would have ever, ever considered going on a first date together, ever.

But born of the same mother, a production only Hollywood was counted on to applaud, we can be sure the DNC was willing if necessary to provide any number of shotguns to assure Planned Parenthood with its Alt Left affiliates and the KKK with its Alt Right associates would forever remain in a state of marital bliss. They never give up hope one day their achievements will one win for them the hearts and thoughts of Hollywood and perhaps a much coveted, anticipated Participation Oscar.

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