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Self-righteous, judgmental, intolerant, racist, sexist, class-conscious, war-like, holier-than-thou, lying, hypocritical, unforgiving jerks. No, I am not talking about the traditional caricature of bible-believing Christians. I am talking about the reality of today’s liberals, today’s progressives. Thinking themselves anti-religious they have become religious fanatics, and fools.

They have a staggering inability to see themselves as they are. They snarl for tolerance; they categorize all people and then set all against all; they are inclusive of all except those who disagree with them; there is scarce a nonconforming brain amongst them. They know next to nothing yet want to rule everything.
It’s freedom of speech for everyone! Well, freedom of approved speech.

In Hollywood, in the university, in government, in multinational corporations, woe to the man or woman who does not pay lip service to the Environment, to Political Correctness, and worship at the altar of The Planet.

All are told, directly or indirectly, what to say. This is particularly helpful for actors and actresses (shouldn’t that be actpersons?) who seldom say or do anything that hasn’t been scripted for them, a plague of witless narcissists.

Liberals know not whom they serve. But his derisive laughter will be all the reward they will ever receive from him.

They champion the abolition of humanity, spearheaded by the eradication of the masculine and feminine. They wish no men or women, only Homo sapiens (who will sapien next to nothing).

It says in the bible that if Christ has not risen from the grave, Christians above all men are to be pitied, because they believe in a lie. Well, Christ has risen from the grave and it is the liberals who are to be pitied above all men.

Yes, above all men – which means, in context, both men and women. This was understood for centuries because people knew that woman was not some separate creature, but was created, from man. (Think of stem cells in today’s terms)

Here’s a question for feminist evolutionists. How did evolution make the jump from asexual to sexual reproduction? And having made the jump, how did male and female evolve along separate, yet intricately interdependent, lines to modern man? I defy you to find any scientific biology text answering, or even asking, this question. You won’t, because there aren’t any. O well, “my biology teacher said it, I believe it, and that settles it.” That’s blind religion for you.

Today’s disbelievers, liberals chief among them, are in a strange kind of prison. It is a prison of the mind, without bars. Whenever anyone shows up to try and spring them, they start yelling for the jailer. A prison indeed.

It is my Christian duty to love liberals. But I confess my first priority is to stop them. Then they can be pitied.

I say to those Christians who fancy themselves liberals (or maybe it’s liberals who fancy themselves Christians) explain to me how supporting policies, in the name of compassion, that in fact bring untold misery and death to millions is loving your neighbor as yourself? (Maybe hating yourself would explain it) How much evil in the name of good intentions is God to overlook? I’m glad it’s not up to me to decide.

I confess that what I display here is an anger born of impotence. Never has the decline and fall of a civilization been so well understood and well documented in real time. And yet the decline accelerates. Is there is no way to get through to these people?

Can Donald Trump halt the plunge, or is this the end-time spoken of in the bible? Will the great liberal crushing machine, led by the censoring, twisting, lying liberal media dedicated to the perpetuation of ignorance, elect Hillary Clinton and crush us all; or will truth, justice and the real American way make a comeback? I do not know.

The upcoming presidential election is a potential extinction-level event. And most people seem to be about as aware as were the dinosaurs.  Let us pray for truth and justice to prevail.



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