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Wake up, Millennials!  You have been lied to all your life by people who want your money and your obedience.  Your generation is bearing a trillion Dollar debt by colleges and a government who are teaching little of value and much of harm to you!

In spite of bankruptcy laws they have been careful not to teach you, which if applied could relieve you of your debt and give you a re-start, but you have been told the people that put that law on the books were “evil capitalists” and Karl Marx was right!  Sorry, Marx has been installed in 39 nations since WWII and all failed!   All you have learned from your Democrat masters is how to hate.

The greatest economic/political scam in history has been executed by the “Democratic” Party, that we enclose in quotes because it is neither democratic or a political party.  It is a criminal enterprise dedicated to the continuation of the slavery they lost in 1865.  They have been furious since the Republicans took away all their Negroes.  And, disparage me not, “Negro” is the proper anthropologic term.  That you know not is a measure of your education.

I have never been fond of “Caucasian” as it sounds like a social disease.  The people we should really dislike are the anthropologists that gave us these names, but then I am not fond of “black” and “white” either as we are neither.  Our physical difference is the number of freckles and whether or not they are touching.

The Southerners who lost their slaves had a real gripe as slavery was legal when they bought people to do their work.  At the time the Civil War started we had four million slaves valued at $800 each or $3.2 billion in total. We could have floated a bond issue to give the former slave owners their money back and avoid the Civil War.  No such good sense was at hand.

The Civil War cost us $36 billion to fight, including the property destroyed, but killed 600,000 young men in the prime of their lives who would have lived and contributed to the economy for 40 years at the prevailing wage of $500 per year or $300 million per year or $12 trillion 1865 Dollars over the next 40 years which would be about $120 trillion in today’s Obama-Bernanke-Yellin Dollars.

These people destroyed your parents economically so don’t plan on an inheritance as a day of reckoning is coming when the Feds will confiscate all the bank deposits to support the Dollar internationally.  The interest on today’s debt is $600 billion per year; will soon be $1 trillion and we have to pay it or the world will no longer accept the Dollar and we starve.  That your teachers have not explained this to you is a crime committed on 12 million high school students every year!

The important fact is that these people think they are entitled to lead America, it not the world, with the same kind of sanity they ruled with 64 years after the Civil war.  How long does it take to do this simple math?  About the three minutes you took to read this piece.  And, never forget:  These people want to run America again, yes into the ground!

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