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One attendee to an InfraGuard seminar left when he learned the FBI promised InfraGuard members they could kill American citizens and not have to worry about being investigated!”

Current research shows that Deep State is VERY deeply ingrained into the everyday operations of the US Government/UN, with the Clinton-signed Treaty on Open Skies mission-aircraft participation. President Trump has yet to stop it in the two years he has been President.  

The clever Grumman E-2D Hawkeye with – and without the big “pancake” Radome – still rumbles over patriot homes in central Virginia. A former Joint Chiefs action officer reports its four high-tech sensors “scan me and two neighbors and scuds of other patriotic people in Central Virginia. He buys his turbo-jet fuel at CHO Airport.”

The patriot-intimidating NWO Grumman “has downward-side-looking radar with a magnetometer, IR, and photo-capable, computer-enhanced, GPS tracking, employed in combo-mission reconnaissance.”

From Texas, a patriot reports on March 31st:

One plane has made a couple of dozen flights over the past 2-3 years. It is a blue and yellow plane, single engine, with a wing over the fuselage which I did not recognize. I identified the manufacturer and model this morning: Found Aircraft Canada Inc Model FBA-2C3. Its ownership address is P O Box 2547, Onalaska, TX. Onalaska, TX is 3 miles from my residence.

A second of these aircraft began making overflights in 2018. This one a yellow and black version. Here it is, along with its flight path almost directly over my residence on 01/15/2019: Click here...

The Delaware Trust Corporation is the owner listed with the FAA. It has 4 of these identical aircraft listed in its name. Two or three fly in my area of Texas. A contact name for the registration is Aircraft Guaranty Financial Corporation (AGFC). It was founded by Lt Col Dr. Connie Lee Wood, Ph.D. His obituary states this about AGFC:

AGFC Specialty: International Aviation Trust Company specializing in U. S., titled Aircraft beneficially owned by Foreign Nationals in a manner that allows foreign Nationals to receive host county tax benefits in the same manner as if the aircraft was titled in the Foreign National’s host Country. AGFC controls over One Billion $$ worth of Aircraft located in sixty countries.”

Needless to say, AGFC is globalist with aircraft in sixty countries.

Four of the planes, Tail #s N748SE, N749SE and N751SE were manufactured in 2011, 2012 and 2013. There are only 10 of these Found Aircraft Canada Inc Model FBA-2C3 aircraft registered in the United States. All one has to do now is get a photograph of the one I don’t have a photo of, and I will be contacting an attorney.

If you get an overflight and want to know something about the airplane, record the time and where the location of your property is, then check it out. The only way to shed light on these illegal flights is to do this type of research, identify the owners of the planes and publish that information as widely as possible!

The harassed Texas patriot emphasizes, “We can also get very, very detailed flight data, including longitude, latitude, altitude, airspeed, etc. I’m interested in this data because it will show the fact that the plane I’m interested in flew over this property and residence and at what altitude.

Tail # N749SE appears to be a yellow and black version that overflew this property since 2018. N748SE is the one I don’t have a photo of. I tried to buy its flight history and that data is blocked apparently. This flight N748SE flew over this Texas property on 12/11/2018. It was at about 700 feet going 144mph at the time it flew over. This is the one that may be the yellow and blue plane. Alternatively, the plane may have been repainted  Click here.

I have concluded, as with the FBI’s InfraGuard program, the DHS or other entity has a similar program where they enlist the help of private plane owners and pilots in their stalking activities. Some of the pilots are probably innocent and have no idea why they are doing what the DHS wants. Others, like the owners of N748SE et alia are in on the project.

To prove the magnitude of what is going on, all patriots need to look up InfraGuard. It’s been around for probably 15 years. One attendee to an InfraGuard seminar left when he learned the FBI promised InfraGuard members that they could kill American citizens and not have to worry about being investigated!”

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