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Edmund Burke the eighteenth century English writer and member of Parliament is recognized by most of us for his timeless quote that has been used quite often over the years, “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing”. However there is another from Burke that I believe is as profound, and that best describes the current state of discourse among the American people, especially those on the Left, “Men (and women) of intemperate minds cannot be free, their passions forge their fetters”.

As an American, I find it regrettable to watch a segment of the population as it goes through the pangs of anger, distress, and desperation; the highs and lows of the daily events surrounding President Trump. One day they’re giddy and hopeful that the walls are closing in around him, and that this is the day of reckoning they’ve been waiting for, the ‘scandal’ that will finally take him down. But then within days, the issue begins to lose legitimacy and consequence, it lingers along the periphery of the news cycle, and then slowly and quietly fads into the background, and with it, all the hopes and dreams of the unhinged are dashed.

Think of all that has happened over the past year and a half, a newly elected president assumes office, and together with his administration immediately begins implementing its policy initiatives. By that time the anti-Trump crowd, still reeling and in a state of disbelief, begins to realize that their candidate really did lose, and a man they will soon learn to hate with a passion is now the Commander-in-Chief.

It is at that moment that the “Deep State”, consisting of Democrats and never-Trump republicans, the mainstream “fake news” media, Hollywood, and some in big business, set into motion its nefarious and devilish agenda to destroy this president. It began with Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, evolved into collusion and obstruction of justice, and now the effort is to take down not only the president but the entire Trump family dynasty.

The “Deep State”, with the Mueller investigative team, and one time Trump confidants and ‘friends’ that have been “flipped” into submission and given testimony that may or may not jeopardize the president, are making an all-out effort to create enough uncertainty and the possibility of criminal activity to initiate a call for impeachment. And lest we forget, top echelon officials in the FBI and CIA provided further cover and support in this defiance and defacement of the justice system.

The mainstream media in all its manifestations, with few exceptions, are at the forefront of this incursion and have led the charge defying all that is Trump. They have insulted, mocked, rebuked, and accused this president of just about anything under the sun, even his family does not escape their wrath. Is it any wonder why Mr. Trump has shown such animus toward the media, and the American people find such disfavor with it.

At times many of us can be guilty of intemperance. The intemperate mind lacks self-restraint and can be excessive and at times passionate in what it believes. It can also defy tradition, social convention, and be harmful and destructive. Recently we bid farewell to Senator John Mc Cain. Since the day of his death, we have encountered nothing but criticism directed at the Trump administration for its handling of this sad turn of events. But what occurred at the memorial mass on Saturday, September 01 was I believe disrespectful and beneath contempt.

You would expect at a memorial mass, speakers would concentrate solely on the life and times of the deceased, John Mc Cain. Not so in the hate-filled, hostile and highly politicized climate in America today. Even though President Trump was not in attendance, he was ever present; his ethos I believe overshadowed the National Cathedral and thus detracted from the solemnity of the religious service. This was not the time for disparaging and criticizing anyone, especially a president. Sadly, there was something else missing at Saturday’s gathering, Christian forgiveness.

But say what you will about President Trump, he is getting things done, the economy, jobs, stock market, deregulation, and international affairs. In the face of all this positive news, over the last year and a half, Mr. Trump’s detractors have thrown everything they had at him; he will get into the rough and tumble, mix things up, hold another rally, and then move on.  And aside from all the bravado, bluster, and his social media exploits, he has been their worst nemesis, forging the fetters of all his enemies, depriving them of their freedom, imprisoned are they within their own minds; they carry with them every day the ball and chain of hate and intemperance.

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