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By now, most all of us/U.S. have heard of the -pay-for-play- shenanigans going on with our -government-. The more money you have, the more you get to play. (With them.)

Sadly, they have become the “-tryrants-” our Founding Fathers warned us/U.S. about! The overweening -government- that takes advantage of the U.S. citizens and uses us/U.S. as slaves to supply them with ALL THE MONEY.  Treating us/U.S. in condescending ways, as if they are our Lords. Forgetting that We the People, give them their authority, only through what the Constitution has enumerated for them to be able to do.  (Per the Constitution, We the People are our own Lords, under our Creator.  We just put them over the affairs of the country, they are supposed to put “the People” first, not the other way around!)

And the real problem is that, We have career politicians and We have also hired corrupt attorneys, who already knew/know their way around “the system” to be our leaders and ALL they saw were $dollar signs.

We the People, looked at it as We do other “jobs”, as years of “experience”, however, THEY have been working ” CORRUPTION” for generations and only now are We becoming fully aware of it.

The Pay-for-Play groups:

After the Clinton-Foundation, and the Clinton Global Initiative, we have heard a lot about the Podesta Group.  These are just three very lucrative (criminal) umbrella groups, that give BIG political favors for very high cash sums.  Back-in-the-day, they would have been called that “bribery!”  It still is, but people use that word less now than they ever have. Perhaps the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality that comes with that, was in sad hopes, that it would all just go away!  However, in our complacency, the corruption has only become the worst, it has ever been in the history of our nation!

The Podesta Group, was co-founded in 1998, by Clinton’s Campaign Chairman JohnPodesta and his brother, Tony, and it is still also run by John, while he “works” ALL of his other “jobs”.  For those who may not know, the Podesta Group, is another ” umbrella” group that lobbies Congress. The State Department and the White-House, for local and foreign businesses and corporations, including those owned by criminal foreign governments, to get around “oversight” and laws, under the guise and facade of “capitalism”.  The Podesta Group helps other “umbrella” organizations and corporations with questionable owners working illicit deals with other questionable individuals, some of which are foreign government officials, who have been convicted of crime and/or atrocities in foreign courts, and (criminal front) organizations owned or run by persons connected directly to -terrorism-or-terrorists- whose major function is to “man”, supply and support -acts-of terrorism and jihad. Overthrow” -foreign-governments.

Among the organizations and foundations that the Podesta (lobbyist) Group, has lobbied Congress, the State Department, and the Obama administration for, are U.S. politicians(Democratic consultants) and maybe even many of the local and foreign businesses owned by the foreign consultants of the current U.S.President Obama) and they have helped to supply U.S.taxpayer money to is these umbrella companies, one of which is also most likely the Barrack Obama Foundation and another of which is owned by Vin Roberti, of the firm: Roberti Global.

Roberti Global LLC is an umbrella corporation that prides itself as being a bi-partisan government affairs and public affairs firm, with offices in Washington, D.C. (900 G-Street… 20001) and New York City (40 Central Park South, Penthouse C, New York, New York, 10019). They also pride themselves in, “DC PRESENCE, GLOBAL REACH”. Their areas of expertise: 1. Finance, 2. Foreign Relations, 3. Healthcare, 4. Information Technology, 5. Tax, 6. Telecommunications, 7. Trade (TTP?), 8. & 9. Transportation and Infrastructure.  They are a Global Advocacy Group that boasts of their access to Keys decisions makers and knowledge of how Washington D.C. works. Some of the past and current (umbrella) clients of theirs include: the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (a possible U.S. funding source for ISISI rebels,ISIL rebels worldwide.), astellas, AmerisourceBergen (another umbrella corp.?), USA Living, EMSerono (another umbrella corp.?), Tracfone (the biggest source of trac(king) phones for the poor.), GM, ATT, CITI, Pfizer, the Phildelphia Orchestra, Airlines for America (a possible human smuggling/trafficking enterprise?), ORACLE, and Provectus Bio-pharmaceuticals Inc.  Another very interesting client of theirs is: TripleEFusion website design, who states, “We only work with Elite Local Businesses, who want to grow!”

So as you can see, they have their hands in everything, and different offices (parts in their organization) can apply for money to their lobbyists, wherever they find the need or in whatever they may “fancy” at the moment.

These lobbyist groups are highly connected to the Obama-administration, democratic institutions, and U.S. foreign assistance programs and goals and are bankrupting our country by the millions, every day!  They are only called U.S. goals, because Obama has attached U.S. to it, using our collective name in vain! Not because he and/or any of them have asked Congress for any of it!  And what they may have asked Congress for, was grossly misrepresented!

Many current corrupt politicians (Senators and staff) become corporate lobbyists in Washington, D.C. and funnel U.S. taxpayer money into their pockets and into the bank accounts of the local special interest groups and foreign corporations, and U.S. citizen taxpayers usually DO NOT know about any of these “backroom deals” and “secret agreements”, that funnel $millions upon $billions of U.S. taxpayer money into programs that only benefit the businesses of politicians and their friends.

It has been happening so long, and has become so commonplace to them, that they have become most boastful to the rest of the world, in their business dealings.  And as they have sought to bring everything and everyone online, in every way they can, to spy on us/U.S.  That it has now, “sort of” backfired on them and many of their dealings can be found with a simple Google search!

Do your homework, dig up the junk, and save, save, save! That is the best way, these days, to end ALL of the corruption.

The Constitution never stated that U.S. citizens/taxpayers were to work hard and break their backs to fund private, local or foreign businesses for our politicians. Nor were We the People, ever supposed to fund and provide for foreign businesses and corporations owned by any foreigners or foreign governments, but we do, EVERYDAY! We also unknowing support hostile foreign governments, through the Obama administration and his many foreign born aides and consultants!  Foreign-governments, whom, not only don’t like us/U.S., but wish and work ill upon and against us, taking U.S. hostages and getting away with it, ALL because of their “hand in the cookie jar” corrupt politician lobbyists!

Our Founding Fathers knew that it was the nature of mankind, to suffer the wrongs while they are still sufferable, instead of “nipping things in the butt” in an ounce of prevention, to “cut off” the root of “wrong” before it takes hold and grows into a tree of “corruption”. Well, now it has come to the point, that We the People need to cut the ” tree of corruption” down, in a total “change of guards” as prescribed by our Founding Fathers in our founding documents!

It is time for a total change of guards, and rooting out of these corrupt politicians, who either contributed to our bankruptcy and problems of our society, or knew about it and did nothing to stop it!  Thereby causing damage and bankruptcy that has been going on for years, and will continue to do so, it We do nothing about it now and let it continue.

We also need to set term limits and if our government fights us/U.S. in this, We the People simply, stop electing them after ten years.  We “know” the ones “working for the People” and those who haven’t done anything but hurt and harm the People. Let us/U.S. pay them accordingly, or not at all!

We the People, need “new workers, of the People, by the People and for the People” in government positions, who only do what the Constitution enumerated for them to do!  And We need to throw out EVERYTHING that doesn’t comply with that!

We need politicians who will look on U.S. local issues and U.S. citizen interests and will cut off the U.S. “purse-strings” to foreign governments- and corporations, who have had more than ample time to “pull their heads out”, and fix their problems.  And We the People, need to demand that happen now.


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