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I’ve written before about the incompetence our politicians display, but nothing changes. There’s a reason for that. Their incompetence. It prevents them from seeing or recognizing the results of their incompetence. Some of their stupidities are due to the incompetence of thinking socialism (collectivism) is superior to the free market, which has made this nation surpass civilizations that have been around for thousands of years, in little less than 300 years. But others are the result of their simple incompetence at their job. With Obama, it is not incompetence. He set out to destroy this country as a free nation, and he’s almost all the way there. Mostly because other incompetent politicians just can’t see the results of his damned fool actions. Or they just don’t care. Obama doesn’t think socialism is superior to the free market, but he sees it as a means to better CONTROL over the population.

Obamacare, for instance. This abomination has so screwed up our medical profession that costs have doubled, or worse, while benefits have been reduced, and fewer people have health insurance than before. The massive co-payments people must make before the “health insurance” kicks in make it USELESS. Paperwork has TRIPLED, or more, and doctors must hire more and more people to spend time DOING that paperwork, which increases their costs, and it gets passed on to us. I notice that in my own doctor visits. Today, everybody in my doctor’s office walks around with a laptop computer on his/her arm. I look to see if it is surgically implanted, but I can’t tell. He used to just tell me what problems I’m facing. Today, they give me six sheets of paper containing mostly incomprehensible entries when I arrive, and another six when I leave.

A list of “ailments” on that six pages have several of my “problems” listed TWICE or three times. I have told him about this, but they don’t get changed. He says he can’t change it. Once put on that list, it takes an “act of God” to get them off. But that’s okay (they say). I don’t have to pay that increased cost because I’m on Medicare. I only have to pay what Medicare doesn’t cover, which is 60% of it. They SAY Medicare covers 80%, but it does NOT. When they get the bill, the first thing they do is cut it in half. Then they pay 80% of THAT. Which, if you know anything about math, means they only pay 40% of the total. But they keep saying they pay 80%, when that is a LIE. They know it’s a lie, and I know it’s a lie. YOU know it’s a lie, but they continue to insist they pay 80% of the medical costs for elderly people with NO disposable income.

Being gay, which used to be a crime, is now a “protected practice,” and anybody who isn’t “with it” is called a bigot. I have nothing against gays, but I resent it being thrown in my face, and taught to my kids in school whether I like it or not. Now they’re forcing us to accept MEN coming into women’s restrooms and changing rooms, where our young teen girls are often NAKED, to “use the facilities.” and all they have to do is SAY that “I think I’m a girl, today” to make it okay for them to go in and ogle those young naked girls. Meanwhile, squads of militant gays go about searching for bakeries run by Christians who don’t want their business because of their Christian beliefs. When they find one, they sue them out of business with the help of liberal judges, who give them excessive monetary awards they KNOW they can’t afford. This is a VIOLATION of their religious freedom, but they don’t care. Meanwhile, militant Muslims go on similar searches and sue uncooperative businesses who don’t want their business for expressing their unwillingness on religious grounds.

We are told those businesses are violating the “religious rights” of those Muslims, who would only have to go to a different business to get what they want. Liberal judges give them similar excessive awards, guaranteed to force them out of business. That is NOT violating the religious rights of the Muslims, it IS violating the religious rights of the Christians, who have the right to refuse to do business with ANYBODY, for any reason, or NO reason. The list of really STUPID things our liberal politicians do is long. Too long to list here. But it is not just liberal DEMOCRATS who do stupid things. Republicans do it, too. They won a massive victory in the 2012 elections on the PROMISE to put a stop to Obama’s outrages. They did NOT.

They voted to FINANCE his outrages. They went right along with the damned fool notions Obama pushed, and FINANCED them, in violation of their promise. They are no longer the “loyal opposition.” they are no opposition, at all. They are ACCOMPLICES in Obama’s RAPE of this nation. And they wonder why a man like Trump has had so much success. America has “tumbled” to the outrages of this administration, and liberals everywhere, and they want to END them. Trump is the best way to do that, and Democrats and Republicans alike realize that, which is why they hate him so. They know he will “upset many applecarts” on both sides, hence they want to “get rid of him,” even to the extent of supporting a DEMOCRAT who is very close to being in PRISON, not the White House. I feel sorry for anybody that can’t see the incompetence displayed in today’s politics.


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