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Venezuela is now saving the world from Global Warming by living without fossil fuels. Alas, Venezuela is not able to exist on wind power and solar energy. Perhaps, this is a lesson for us in America!!

Socialism succeeds best when a country is rich. Socialists promote and exploit class envy and race divisions: “Why should those racists be rich when you’re not? We will equalize everything for you,” they promise. Never forget, Socialists like the late Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez, Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren & Nancy Pelosi always seduce the gullible public with promises of “taxing the rich,” and assurances of lots of “free” stuff: education, health care, housing, minimum wage increases, even income for those unwilling to work. But under Socialism, the rich always get richer; while the poor and middle class are always reduced to abject poverty.

Venezuela was once the richest country in South America. But Socialists have completely destroyed Venezuela. In America, Socialist controlled cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit have also been reduced to Third World slums. New York City, under Socialist de Blasio, might have to file for bankruptcy. New York City’s long-term liabilities reached a record-high $257.3 billion. New York State, under Socialist Cuomo, cannot help because they too have a $2.3 billion state budget deficit.

Maduro, the current Venezuelan Dictator, lives in extreme luxury; exactly like our Leftist Hollywood elites and politicians do. Virtually all our billionaires support Socialism because it is much easier to make money in a Socialist/Communist Dictatorship than it is in a Democratic society where the public and a free press would ferret out what they are doing. George Soros and Tom Steyer give big bucks to elect Socialist Democrats and defeat Conservatives. These Billionaires support the Mexican Drug Cartels and their Open Borders, (to allow in illegals, drugs, and crime); Communist Dictators in Cuba and China; Islamists in Iran; and anything that will harm ordinary Americans; just so long as they make money!! The previous Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez stole so much that his daughter’s inheritance made her the richest person in Venezuela!

Maduro, like all Socialists, just uses infrastructure that others have built. But he didn’t maintain anything, not their vital oil industry infrastructure; and not even the power grid. Wherever they are in control, Socialists have allowed our infrastructure to crumble too. And of course, Leftists in America and even Maduro in Venezuela, all blame President Trump for their own failures. The entire country of Venezuela is now without power; even Caracas, where Maduro’s elite lived in luxury while the rest of the country starved!

Venezuelans are starving, their currency is worthless, and over 2.5 million people have fled. There are food shortages and the food is being rationed. People have to stand in line to get whatever is available. Inflation was over 1,000,000% last year The IMF predicts a rise to 10 million % by the end of 2019. This means their bolivar is worthless.

President Trump, Colombia, and Brazil have sent food aid; but Maduro’s military thugs have prevented the trucks from entering the country. Exactly like Pelosi and her Socialists who falsely proclaim there is no crisis at our border; Maduro has proclaimed there is no food crisis in Venezuela. But the starving people are eating out of garbage trucks. Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos acted confrontationally, like he was interviewing President Trump, and asked Maduro why he was starving his people. Maduro promptly detained Ramos and his crew and confiscated his equipment. Perhaps Ramos now appreciates our American Freedoms and our American President!! Other Journalists have also been arrested.

Our Conservative Journalists in America are also being suppressed. Even this MRC link has been disabled! Social Media titans in America are doing everything they can to shadowban, outright ban and silence conservatives. One has to perform extended searches to find any conservative site because they first show links to criticisms and “fact checks”. Emails sent by conservative lawmakers to their supporters are diverted directly to spam.

The power outages in Venezuela have had disastrous consequences: There is no food or medicine because trucks and even cars cannot run without diesel or gas. The subways, which transported 2 million people a day, are not running. Public transport is barely functional. Businesses are also shut down with no electricity to power their lights, air conditioners, telephone, computers, copy machines etc. Factories cannot operate. Airplanes are not flying and people are stranded at airports. There is no cellular service.

Their hospitals cannot function: Personnel can’t come to work. Medicines are in short supply. Hospitals are using their generators only in emergencies; because those too operate on fossil fuels. No surgery is possible; not even for accident victims or other emergencies. Over 15 patients with advanced kidney disease have already died because dialysis machines couldn’t be operated. Dialysis machines for another 10,200 patients have been switched off.

Socialism has never succeeded in any country in which it has been tried. Even Sweden & Denmark are suffering from Socialists’ importation of impoverished and uneducated Muslims who can’t speak the language, won’t assimilate, don’t want to work, but do want to live on the dole. Ocasio-Cortez and her Socialist friends who are advocating Socialism for America must stop pointing fingers at President Trump and his supporters. Instead, they must explain what they will do differently to prevent the whole of America from turning into a sh-thole Third World slum-like San Francisco, Los Angeles & Detroit.

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