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In one corner of the 21st century arena, we see Rothschild with $500 trillion and Rockefeller with $200 trillion. In the opposing corner, we have our billionaire President Trump with an administration of billionaires.

The former are the shadowy ring leaders of a fast-emerging tribe of technocratic elites. Theirs is a classic and historic migration to south of the equator! Antarctica, New Zealand, Australia, as well as professionally-secured enclaves hidden in South America.

The latter, selected by Trump, though tainted with a degree of Masonry, are essentially patriotic conservatives and ultra-conservative Constitutionalists who were globalist insiders, but never gave their whole hearts to the globalist cause, which spread the H.G. Wells’ socialist vision as a pandemic to control and profiteer…

The occult globalists are obsessed with imposing a one-world monetary unit of exchange. To do this, they must complete the occult radical-revolutionary agenda of Luciferian Saul Alinsky to “bring everything to rubble” before they rebuild. They smugly believe their destiny is to remain cozy and secure south of the equator, as the two great nationalist super powers, Russia and America, destroy themselves in a half-day nuclear war scenarios, planned at least since the 1980s.

Will Russia and America catch on before it is too late? Or will the highly convincing but nevertheless false flag uses be the effective triggers. If so, how much are the globalists willing to see destroyed, in Russia and America, and therefore how much are they willing to rebuild with a profiteering mindset? Will “Bechtel Corporations,” if you will, as with a devastated Lebanon, return to the northern hemisphere to profiteer through rebuilding?

Millions of miles of fibre-optic cable are currently routed and networked, through underground pipe and tunnels. In America, much of the fibre-optic cable for banking and Internet, in natural-gas line pipes and beneath the sides of railroad tracks, rest on rocker panels, well beneath the earth’s surface. In Russia, over 100 underground cities are prepared, for those unable to exit south of the equator. Globalist troops underground in Greenland have 20 years of provisions, to emerge with an impressive seeds cache.

How many understand the globalist necessity to reduce world population to 2.5 billion, or even to 500 million, in the final analysis is a globalist economic necessity? Rockefeller’s Humanist Manifesto II concluded the earth’s natural and mineral resources could not sustain more than 2.5 billion.

So the globalists configure their global economic computer, nicknamed the Beast in Brussels, to be limited to 2.5 billion accounts globally. Vigileaks spoke with an El Al computer specialist invited to work on the Beast – there instructed that no more than 2.5 billion accounts were to be active on the computer. “Though any number could be allowed,” the specialist revealed. This is “Globalism Not Americanism” which mind-controlled liberals are clamoring for, only to hasten their deaths in the globalist-Machiavellian scheme of things.
As an economic measure, Rothschilds, who at the Fourth World Wilderness Congress called the masses of the earth “canon fodder,” along with Rockefeller will be pleased to see the earth’s population reduced, as an economic measure, to 2.5 billion or less. Will President Trump and his brilliant administration counter this in time? Do they have any idea of the scope and gravity of these issues without historical precedent? Will President Trump actually create Executive Orders, PDDs and emergency measures to actually save Americans of all ages, instead of see up to 90% die through false-flag EMP devastation?

Will our modern Joseph, President Trump, quickly move to prepare storage for American food and water? Or will the globalists succeed with their enhanced de-population goals? Kissinger: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” US strategy deliberately destroyed family farming in the US and abroad and led to 95% of all grain reserves in the world being under the control of six multinational agribusiness corporations. To this control President Trump must say no! Foreign owners and investors of American farms and ranches must be booted!

Unlike Russia and China, America does not have a single replacement transformer, or manufacturer to produce them, in the event of an EMP outage. To such, indeed, is where tens of thousands of jobs should be immediately directed. To Make America Great Again, President Trump needs to direct major job-creation efforts at restoring and securing American infrastructure – before the emigrating globalists destroy it Saul-Alinsky style to bring in their one-world monetary unit of exchange, while de-populating the planet by removing at least 5 billion… in order for the cashless society to be functional from Brussels.


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