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I do understand the need of people to flee their country, I had to do it myself. And although I was born U.S. Citizen it’s always hard to leave family and friends behind.

I’m not racist in any shape or form. I have friends of many nationalities and I see all as equals. I believe in the Constitution and what it stands for.

When it comes to immigration, I always come to the same example:

Imagine that your house is a country. It has a number of people legally living in it. A set of laws and responsibilities and a series of incomes and expenses it needs to function.

It also has benefits. For example, Everyone within the house:

  • Will be fed and clothes provided for.
  • Has a set weekly allowance.
  • Has health insurance.
  • Has chores (tax).

Then all of a sudden. Someone install itself on the yard which had no fences or the door just open. Based on the benefits he needs to be fed, etc. And more people starts installing themselves in. Eventually the tax income is less than the expenses.

Seeing this situation the father of the house has a tough decision. Either find ways to get more income, and keep doing it as more people will continue installing themselves or take some kind of measures to protect and provide for his family.

We don’t have enough resources, and taxing the legal residents to death won’t do any good either.

Why it isn’t a valid option to put guards on the fence (border), have a process on requesting legal entry into the house and the family deciding who goes in and who doesn’t?

Why choose an extranger, give him a room and benefits when the little son is basically homeless and sick due to lack of resources.

Isn’t the responsibility of the houses they came from (other countries) to protect their people, and provide for them? To solve any issues within the house that made them leave?

Is not better to teach someone to fish and feed him for life, than just giving him fish?

Our fence is not complete and basically unprotected. Like in any neighborhood, that fence is shared between the houses and thus is the responsibility. Of course there are sections that are only for the house (airports, ports, etc.).

There are so many issues to fix inside the house first, like taking care of our homeless, veterans and elderly before thinking about others. There are exceptions to this, but America should be first!


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