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even as my thoughts



uneaten fish food flakes

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in a dirty goldfish bowl

I swim bloatedly,

serving rolls

to mothers who spread them with butter,

and hand them


to toddlers in high chairs.

They ask me when I am due.

I go about smiling


and wonder…

did this mother


about dying too?

Was she overwhelmed

with protesters

offering unbearable choices,

demanding she consider

unthinkable options–

assuring her that no one

would come out of this alive

as poor as she was

as young as she was

something was going to have to die.

“You have your whole life ahead of you..”

As though she had no right to let a baby be part of it.

As though someone had to die.


Her baby.

As though they were separate things

as though her pregancy wasn’t part of her…

as though killing

the part of her

that made her

a jelly Bellie swellie mama

was as easy as ordering a piece of pie

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Kae Bucher

Aslan Is on The Move! I think our Creator has His stuff together... I don't believe He supports murdering the innocent.. whether babies or citizens...


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