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President Trump Stated over 500 are Known Criminals!

If the immigrants cross the border, here’s what you have to look forward to:  Click Here!

A full 80% to 90% of the invasive caravans are military-age males!

And the armed forces at the border are still not issued weapons!

At the California border, US Marines from Camp Pendleton do not have weapons.  Their MPs are issued tasers and 9 mm handguns… BUT… These marine MPs are under to contact Border Patrol in the event of conflict!

The most recent video at the Texas border reveals only armed forces carrying clubs.  Are they to bludgeon those who overwhelm them with guns?

A former Joint Chiefs of Staff High-Security Evaluations Officer just wrote to Steve Quayle:

Mr. President requires arms and live ammunition in the hands of ALL US soldiers!! I see no photographic evidence of either in ANY images seen in ANY news media, so far!

Deep State operatives in the administrative logistics chain can easily deploy troops to the border; minus ammunition. It’s been accomplished before with US troops, UNDER THE CLINTONS, deployed overseas on UN peacekeeping duty; Macedonia, for a known example!! I have the name of one Sergeant First Class, out of the two I questioned, who were there!!!

Four US SOLDERS were killed, supposedly ambushed, in Niger. Can anybody reading this confirm they were even armed?! Deep State, dear people, “weasel words” the “news” very effectively.

The following is not for children.  Please download before removed from YouTube.  It is not Fake News and will soon vanish:


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