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Democrat thuggery has become their normal, proving that the left is no good.  Democrat’s idea of a “healthy democracy” is to be able to threaten Republicans with death for them and their families and intimidate representatives to coerce them into submitting to Democrats.  This isn’t how democracy works.  That’s how socialist tyranny works.  Liberals lie about everything which is why nothing Democrats ever say can be believed.  Even when they are fact-checked you must understand the motivating factors and twisted thinking behind what they believe.  Peaceful protests are useful to bring attention to wrongs that must be righted.  Democrat riots are the acts of fascist thugs to impose their tyranny on others through coercion of force and threats of harm.  That’s called terrorism.

One of the problem’s with civilized society is that you can’t just take hateful pathological liars out back and garrote them as they deserve, and that’s what would be done if Trump were the Nazi they claim him to be.  Actually, that’s what leftists do to righteous people.  In civilized life leftists who despise good people can say whatever hateful things they want so long as they do not advocate for violence.  The righteous are free to present counterpoints and the third party is free to choose which they will believe.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that leftists always side with those in the wrong.  But until they actually take up arms against the innocent then no action can be taken against them except to condemn them.  That line is being crossed by Democrats who are advocating for violence up to and including the assassination of Republicans and killing them on the streets.  It may be surprising that the only person killed in street protests to this point was in Charlottesville when a leftist Democrat was run over by another leftist Democrat.  But the truth is that leftists have been murdering police officers and almost assassinated one Republican senator last year while another was critically beaten in front of his home.

Democrats believe that the hate and insanity they have inspired will result in people turning out to vote for them and discourage Republicans.  What kind of people would vote for Democrats?  Not decent people.  Not patriotic Americans.  The kind of people who could vote for Democrats in light of all the crime and hate they have committed?  They are not the kind that people of good moral heart want in charge of this country.  That’s why Republicans will turn out in droves for this election and it is Democrats who are disgusted with what their party has become that will stay home.  Democrats of good moral values become Republicans.  Those who are dedicated to their delusions, adhere to their evil, and are extremist sociopaths will be the only ones voting Democrat and America will be amazed at how many millions of them there are.

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“The problem with America is white men.”  Liberals say all men are rapists because they all “have the equipment” to commit rape.  So that makes all women prostitutes because they all “have the equipment” to sell sex.  If this made you laugh, you’re a conservative.  If it made you angry you’re a liberal wacko.  Slandering all men for the actions of a very few is called bigotry.  Liberal bigotry is the two-faced foundation of their ideology.  If you ask a liberal if the same rule of having a penis applies to black men, they say no, which is funny since young black men commit twenty times more violent crime, including rape, than any other demographic group.  This is not an anti-black racist thing.  It’s a black cultural thing that they have been taught by Democrats to embrace and idolize gangsters, thugs, and criminals.

Liberals are so brain-dead that they can’t even explain why they hate America.  They just do as they’re told like a hateful liberal who scorned Sen. Scalise who was shot by a Democrat last year saying, “He’s not a ‘survivor,’ he’s an accomplice.”  An accomplice to what?  He has committed no crime, but in Democrat’s minds, all Republicans are criminals, which is how backward their thinking is when they are the ones committing crimes against the people.  Robert Redford said he “feels out of place” in his country.  Why?  Doesn’t he like seeing the economy boom or ISIS destroyed?  The irrational thinking of liberals would be comical were it not so violent.

Donald Trump is the left’s enigma.  When he was an entertainer they adored him.  When he gave some of his billions to Democrats they idolized him.  When he announced and won the presidency as a Republican he became Satan to them.  Why?  Because President Trump is doing what is good and right for America and Democrats of today hate and despise America and all that is good and decent in the world.  They have embraced criminality and foreign socialist terrorism to overthrow this great nation.  Why do they want to live in a socialist toilet?  Because they have been deluded into thinking that evil is good and like lemmings, they just follow along and do as they are told even though they are running off a cliff.

Being mental defectives and deceivers, leftists deny they are doing what they are doing and blames the righteous for what is wrong.  Democrats invite their leftist, unhinged lunatics into the gallery of the Senate to disrupt proceedings.  The left is carrying their rage into the Midterms, but Republicans will be bringing their utter disgust to the polls to defeat them.  The leftist media keep saying that Democrats can take back the House, but I don’t see Republicans staying home.  I see Democrats too ashamed of how their leaders are embracing the wackos to support them.  Those that do have no shame and are so two-faced that they believe it is Republicans who should be ashamed.

Liberals think the Supreme Court exists to make law.  What liberals use it for is to overrule law as made by Congress.  This corruption is why it is of utmost importance that conservatives control the courts.  Americans are feeling hopeful that Republicans are learning how to fight and will join Trump to stand against Democrats rather than “reach across the aisle” to work with those who are working to destroy America.  When Democrats talk about unity working together they mean making Republicans submit to their rule.  When Republicans talk about unity working together they mean surrendering to Democrat rule.  Righteous patriots have had enough!

President Trump fights for what is right and the left calls him a Nazi for it.  America is winning when Republicans are in charge and everyone can prosper, but when Democrats rule it is to destroy half the country so that only they prosper.  President Trump apologized to the Kavanaugh family for the evil they were forced to endure at the hands of leftists.  There needs to be more than an apology.  There needs to be a reckoning for the wickedness of Democrats.  President Trump must take the fight to the Democrats to stomp out their violent insurrection and bring their leaders to trial for encouraging this war.

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