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One of the factors that makes a dictator possible is the willing cooperation of other people in government. Those unwitting accomplices are individuals like Janet Reno for Bill Clinton or Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch for Barack Obama. They’re the ones who do the actual killing when the boss orders it.

People like Obama can’t rape a country by themselves. They need a large number of willing accomplices in order to do it. Some actually think they’re “doing good,” and “serving their country.” while some just love whatever amount of power and money it gives them. The three names mentioned above are only the top level of accomplices. They need many more levels. Cops, “federal agents,” lawyers, even legislators.

A good example is the accomplice who actually murdered Justice Scalia as he slept in a bed belonging to his host on a projected hunting trip. The host of that trip is one of Obama’s trusted advisers. Scalia was found dead, with a pillow over his head. There was no autopsy even though that was a complete departure from routine in deaths not under a doctor’s care. The “inquest” was conducted by a local Justice of the Peace,over the phone when I’m sure any number of real judges would have been willing to move Heaven and Earth to conduct it. No real police investigation was ever done, nor was a real federal investigation of this death. Obama denies that Scalia’s death was an important event, even though it put the Court in turmoil, destroying the conservative majority and giving him a chance to appoint another liberal, thus “stacking” the court with liberals. It also served notice upon the remaining Justices that if they didn’t “fall into line,” the same thing could happen to them. Which is, I’m sure, why Justice Thomas, another conservative, announced his intention to retire soon. Nobody wants to die in office, no matter how steadfastly you believe in an ideal.

Going back a bit as another example, we see former Attorney General Janet Reno, who killed hundreds of people, many of them children, in support of Bill Clinton, who fervently wished to be a dictator. There was the indecent of Elian Gonzalez, a six-year-old child who, with his mother, risked his life to escape Castro’s “Island Prison” in Cuba An action that cost her life. Reno sent in the Border Patrol to capture him and send him back. An unforgettable memory was that picture of a helmeted Border Patrol Agent holding a gun to this six-year-old’s nose as he hid in a closet in a relative’s arms. Nobody died in that one, though it could have happened if anybody had resisted the armed attack.

Then there was Waco, where a Charismatic cult leader and his followers “holed up” in his “compound” when Bill wanted to break him. Reno “laid siege” on that “compound” for days, finally going in with tanks and murdering 100 people, including 14 children! Of course, they didn’t need to do that. They could have arrested him any time, when he went into town. But Clinton wanted to “make an example of him,” and he did. Reno said she “took full responsibility” for those deaths, which meant nothing. Nothing ever happened to her because of it.

Next we have Ruby Ridge, where a “right-wing extremist” who said things Clinton didn’t like lived, with his family. Again, they could have arrested him any time without incident, but he again wanted to “make an example of him.” So he sent in his “jack-booted thugs” and killed them. First, they killed the family dog, saying he a”attacked them.” That dog was only “defending his homeland.” Then a sniper murdered his wife by shooting and killing her through a screen door as she held her infant child. Why they didn’t kill HIM when they had the chance, I don’t know. Later they gave him $3 million dollars “hush money” that didn’t “hush him up.” He continued to talk about it for years. Then he apparently “gave up” and now lives a quiet life, not talking about how the government murdered his wife and dog.

More recently we have that rancher “government agents “ murdered while he protested the taking of his friend’s ranch over a supposed bunch of “grazing fees” that he questioned. They gave him no chance. They followed him as he drove toward a meeting with other demonstrators and shot him in the back, killing him (I watched it happen). Yes, he did have a gun in his pocket. In his pocket! He was not “threatening” anyone with it. They set out to kill him, and did it.

The man who killed Randy Weaver’s wife later got a commendation for that action, as did everybody who participated in that attack. There have been many similar stories where government troops “laid siege” to people with whom they did not agree and often killed them. Neither Clinton, nor Obama could have accomplished what they did without the willing cooperation of many people. And there are always people ready and willing to kill for them in return for power and money. Others merely ignore their depredations, thus allowing it to happen.. That is what we’re in, now.


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