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I believe in radical ideas like honesty, honor, integrity, realistic ideas to make America a more Free and Honorable country that leads the world in education, healthcare, and opportunity. Yes, my ideas are radical!

I believe that everyone has a right to healthcare from day one, whether it is through an employer or through Medicaid. I believe that no one should be refused the best medical attention whether it be tonsillitis or Cancer. I believe that medical coverage needs to be affordable, complete and a top priority. Yes, I am radical!

I believe everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs, handicap, race or nationality should be treated with respect and equality. I believe that America can be the envy of the world when it comes to the opportunity of great careers, nice housing, and creditworthiness built upon one’s character only. Yes, I am very Radical!

I believe in the pursuit of happiness, in whatever way one decides will make them happy, and one where they can truly afford that happiness throughout their whole lives. I believe that I should expect my elected political figures conduct themselves as a statesman, with honor, and integrity and follow the Constitution. Yes, I am radical.

I believe that the world needs to stop the waste and pollution and ignoring of our environment. I believe we need to change the fuels we use to power our factories, our electricity, and our vehicles. I believe to get to that point we need highly educated career employees that do not owe on that education for a lifetime. I believe in a low cost to a no-cost way to educate our future leaders in technology and future endeavors. Yes, I am very radical!

I believe in a more robust immigration policy that allows opportunity and a safe haven for those looking for a better future for their families. I believe in a Visa program that makes sense and benefits America while giving citizenship to the dreamers and their families that are already a part of the American Fabric. Yes, I am an American, and I am radical.

I desire unity over division, and acceptance over bigotry. I believe in judging a person on their Character over their gender, sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs, physical handicap, and nationality. I believe in an equal playing field for all, and no limits to the opportunity for any person regardless of any group that someone prefers to place a person. Yes, I am radical.

I desire to live without going into debt because the pay scale is too low. I believe in everyone having the opportunity to own a home and affordable good transportation. I believe in loyalty from employers as they desire loyalty from their employers. Yes, I am American and I am radical.

I believe that any bigoted or racist person needs to be brought to the forefront as not to be in America. I believe that any politician who breaks the law or slanders a group of people is ineligible for office and should be impeached without question. I believe that politicians should be paid the same pay scale as the middle-income citizens are paid. Yes, you can call me radical!

I believe that America needs to repair and rebuild its infrastructure. I believe that those who go to bed hungry are fed, I want those who have no roof are given a home, and that those who are cold and shivering are given warmth. I believe that one should be given the freedom to practice their religion as they wish and that no educational institution should push a specific religion. I believe that the Ten Commandments not only are principles in the Christian religion but are also the foundation for the American Constitution and creation and should be on display in courthouses without argument. Yes, I am radical.

I love our American Flag and will pledge my allegiance to it. I also realize that for many, America has not given the same opportunity as I have been given and have in many cases been abused, and may decide to show their displeasure. I respect them as long as they do not defile the Flag. Yes, I am an American, a Patriot and I am radical!!!

I want a government that can control itself when it comes to spending and will not spend more than what it takes in. I desire a government that has no deficit. I believe that too many governmental entities find ways to tax the average American and do so without representing the majority of its citizens. I do not want that kind of government. The taxing of fuel, food, clothing, education, and other necessities should never be taxed! I do not believe we as workers should be punished through high employment taxes while the government wastes millions by giving it away without taking care of my American brethren first and foremost. Yes, I am radical!

I believe that no politician should ever leave office a millionaire when they entered as a pauper. I believe that special interest groups and PACs should be outlawed, period. I believe that any politician who is dishonorable, hides what they do or make, then they should be removed. Yes, I am radical.

I believe in the goodness of the hearts of the American people. I believe that given the opportunity without harassment, every citizen can help create a better future for this great country. I know that voters must not accept criminal activity, bullying, or hate-filled speech. I want to be a part of a country that is admired for doing right by its own citizens, its allies, and its neighbors. I believe in America, and its citizens, just not most of the current political figures that are too engrossed in their own greed and not what is best for America. YES-I AM AN AMERICAN, I AM PATRIOTIC AND DAMN IT, I AM RADICAL!

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