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“If the media keeps this up — if they keep up generating this hysteria — somebody’s gonna get killed.” – Rush Limbaugh

Obamacrats like Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who described illegal immigrant holding facilities as “dazzling” under Obama, now says the exact same facilities are like Nazi death camps under Trump.  She is one of the leftist whackos fueling liberal hysteria over invading foreigners.  No matter how you slice it, illegals are stealing from American taxpayers, and Democrats are helping them commit crimes to get their illegal votes.

Liberal Democrats Claim Illegals are Law-abiding

They are Not Refugees and Immigrants, they are Raiders and Invaders

People have already been killed by leftists; liberals have attempted to assassinate Republicans and dream of assassinating Trump, police have been murdered by criminals in ambushes, leftist whackos have been slaughtering kids in schools, and even when leftists kill leftists as at Charlottesville the Democrats always blame Republicans.  Leftists are fascists who see their opponents through the mirrored lens of their minds.  When they see fascism in Republicans, when it is they who embrace the ideology of socialism of which fascism is a part, they are not seeing the Right but seeing what is reflected back to them from their projection onto the righteous of their own warped beliefs – like thieves who see everyone else as a thief.

Trump tweets Democrats lying that they are against illegal immigration

Hannity ablaze nukes leftist liberal Democrat’s lies about Trump stopping invaders

The genius of Trump is proven once again.  The Master Negotiator has again forced Democrats to expose their true nature before the world.  They don’t care about the children of immigrants.  They just want to make the dregs of the world Democrat voters to get back in power.  Liberal hysterics have been raised to a fever pitch in what they believed was a victory over Trump.  Screaming that President Trump was deliberately tormenting immigrant children, when all he was doing was applying the law as written by Democrats, The Donald proved he is more savvy and shrewd than any liberal whacko liar.  He exposed Democrat lies that they are working to stop illegal immigration, and he exposed their lie that they care about immigrant children.  He took their new law and shoved it down their lying throats until they choked!

The law Democrats put into effect twenty years ago to charge invaders with felonies for multiple illegal border crossings required their children be out into U.S. care for their safety while their parents were tried.  Leftists have been damning Trump for adhering to their law, passed by Clinton Democrats, to create a lie that Trump is the Grinch who solely enacted policies without law to abuse children by taking them from their parents to make them cry.  Trump just turned their lie back on them through an executive order overturning their law to put the children back with their parents, which is all they said they wanted.

Now they are claiming he is putting immigrant children in prison for life.  So, they are now demanding the families be released into the USA, given citizenship, and enabled to vote Democrat in future elections.  Presidents overturning laws through executive actions only began under Obama.  America’s first Moslem socialist president used the power of the presidency to put his iron boot on the throats of Americans even to the point that he shut down coal mining to make America dependent on foreign energy.  The lies of the leftwing media to conceal his violations of the Constitution will turn their other face to damning Trump for doing the same thing despite that being what they wanted.  Could their heinous lies be any more obvious?  As in everything with liberals you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t, and if you give them an inch they’ll take a mile.

Lying comes naturally to leftists

Democrats can’t help but lie every time they open their mouths.  Even their fact checkers always refute the truth by asking the wrong questions setting up a false premise.  One such is claiming there are no laws that require immigrants crossing the border to be separated from their children.  Of course, there isn’t!  But that’s not what has been happening!  What has been happening is that invaders charged with felonies are being detained and children with them are being cared for, but liberals are calling their housing “prison,” “ghettos,” and “Holocaust gas chambers.”  Such hysterics stir up the ignorant to a frothing rage.

You cannot take a liberal at their word.  They misrepresent the truth and lie at every turn.  Hollywood announced another movie they are making about Ronald Reagan with another liberal boob playing the president.  Casting liberals to play Republican presidents is so they can portray them as being racist, elitist, hateful, doddering fools.  Leftists say old white men cannot make laws governing what is right for non-old white men.  This is just the politics of leftist division as if what is right for one person is not right for all.  But then, that’s their entire ideology in making laws against the righteous but allowing themselves freedom to commit crimes because “laws were made to be broken” in liberal world.

Leftists do not see reality or morality the way righteous people do.  A liberal director described seeing fascism in the movie, “Starship Troopers,” not in the Bugs, but in the humans.  Their thinking is as warped as Anakin Skywalker’s became in “Revenge of the Sith” where he saw evil in good.  Theirs is no different than the mentality of thieves whose honor precludes them from trusting others because in their mind’s everyone else is a thief.

Millennials Suffer from Skywalker Syndrome

Democrat and Republican history

The United States was established by what became the political parties of Jackson and Lincoln.  Their foundations were determined at the Founding and is enshrined in their ideologies of Left and Right.  The Left believes in slavery under a dictator and obscures this truth by slandering the Right as being slavers.  They do this on the border by declaring the agents upholding the law are fascists!  This is the mindset of criminals.  They break the law and then call cops oppressors for arresting them.  To the Left breaking the law is their right in exercising their freedom to do as they please.  They promote this lie by claiming that these invading immigrant’s children are being raped by U.S. border agents, rather than admit the truth that their policies put them into the hands of Mexican drug dealers to be raped.

Peter Fonda proved once again that it is leftists who are the world’s terrorists and criminals by calling for people to attack the families of immigration law enforcement like Mexican drug lords who murder the families of federales.  He called for Barron Trump to be ripped from his mother’s arms and put in prison with pedophiles.  This is leftist terrorism and a federal crime threatening the family of the President!  And in the defective minds of Democrats they see this as good and fair and righteous act!

I have developed Zero Tolerance for leftist lies, liberal stupidity, their dark propaganda, and the immorality of Democrats.  This is the definition of Trumpism as Donald Trump, like submarine commanders, has no time for other people’s bullsh*t.  Democrats obfuscate, create false crises, and commit crimes in the name of compassion, and then scream fascism at righteous lawkeepers and threaten them and their families.  No righteous person should tolerate this!  Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons does not make it right.  The end does not justify the means because the means drive the ending.  God can bring good from evil, but man cannot.

That is why I am no longer commenting on the Russian fraud, which is so much liberal pap, until AG Sessions gets off of his backside and investigates the Obama regime!  When the DoJ IG Horowitz reports that FBI agents like Peter Strzok showed no bias, when he is recorded in email saying he wanted Hillary to win 100M votes to zero, that is nothing but concealment of corruption.  This has been going on for a year and a half and the DoJ hasn’t yet begun to do diddly squat about it!  The only reason for this must be that the establishment is dragging this out in the hopes that Trump supporters will be discouraged from supporting Trump so they can go back to their corrupt business as usual.

Sessions should be prosecuting everyone from Strzok all the way up to Obama for putting spies in and wiretapping the Trump Campaign!  RINOs say, “America doesn’t persecute political losers,” but we DO PUNISH CRIMES – especially TREASON!  And how is it not right to punish Democrat crimes just because they lost one election when Democrats are actually persecuting and falsely convicting Republicans for being political winners?  This leftist fascism cannot be permitted to rule in the United States.  They must be crushed!

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