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While I am the furthest person to support Donald J. Trump in the United States, I have to state without hesitation that the GOP has lost its marbles! The RNC forced him to sign a pledge, then kick everyone in the shins who do not jump aboard and kiss the ring of Donald prior to the convention, threaten and use underhanded techniques at the convention, and now you get a conscience?

How can you Reince and the other members of the RNC have a clear conscience, but start to make plans to remove Trump from the picture for the down elections? Why even go through all that you have, lose millions of supporters, and now try to save the Senate and House? Really? You are so full of the countryside fertilizer it makes one wonder about your own mental capacity.

On Friday night, Donald Trump finally got around to endorsing Congressman Paul Ryan and Senators John McCain and Kelly Ayotte in their respective races against primary opponents, after having hedged on offering that support earlier in the week following the uproar over the Republican nominee’s recent attacks on the parents of a slain war hero. So this is the reason you would start to make plans to go even more underhanded? You, the GOP/RNC/Republican Party is as underhanded, lying, criminally inept as the DNC!!!

Those plans exclude fully disavowing Trump (and potentially alienating his base), but include other coping mechanisms like accelerating the development of ads that will definitively distinguish GOP candidates from Trump — airing as soon as early next month — or possibly launching a large-scale ad campaign to support conventional Republican positions, thus bolstering the party itself instead of the party’s nominee — or as the Times paraphrases one strategist’s explanation, “to provide voters with a different, non-threatening view of Republicans, so that the party is not wholly defined by Mr. Trump’s day-to-day pronouncements.” So with alienating all constitutional conservatives, now you will alienate the few, the loud-mouthed, and foolish Trump supporters. And what will you have left? Donald’s family, The RNC chairs, and a few holdouts? Are You really trying to shove the POTUS down Hillary’s throat? Are you that desperate to lose that you have gone off the trail this “yyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge”?

With the list of who’s who that will not be voting for Trump, like Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, George H.W.Bush, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham, and George Pataki, one does not need to go far to see that the RNC/GOP/Republican Party made a gigantic mistake by alienating many average Americans in support of the New York valued elitist known as “the Donald”. In Fact, if the RNC keeps making even larger mistakes, then the who’s who list will be more votes than what Donald will receive.

Time for the true Constitutionalists to run, do not walk from the RNC, and join a new party-the 1776 Constitutionalist, and those who support Donald to run, not walk from the RNC and join the populist party in support of Donald, and leave Reince standing in the middle of DC holding an empty briefcase.


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