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A foreign invasion is not on the foreseeable horizon and even if it were, there would be appropriate preparations, superior weaponry, a unified response and ultimately a victory for the United States. Yet this concern is consuming our attention while a smoldering hidden “bomb” is waiting to explode in our faces and take us into  a world of disarray, uncertainty and chaos.  That bomb is hyper-inflation.

A delusion that such a monster is not on the horizon is being perpetrated by our government and sustained by government officials willing to ignore what they know is pure dishonesty.  The results will make our ability to respond to foreign invasion weaker, will cripple our standard of living and leave America with the scars of bankruptcy, worthless currency and financial collapse. Everyone knows the cost of living is skyrocketing yet the government is publishing a phony salve that the “core index” of inflation is safe.  It is time to call the scoundrels on their pretense and ask for an accurate accounting of what is the actual rate of inflation and what is going to be done about it.

On the campaign trail there is not one candidate that has addressed this issue nor has there been any inquiry of the candidates for their knowledge of this scam.  This does not speak well for the preparations to elect a president.  Do we want a person in the White House who knows not ( or will not recognize ) that inflation is being improperly reported?  Do we want full disclosure by our government or do we want to pretend that if we don’t acknowledge the dangerous progression of inflation it will somehow go away?  We cannot solve a problem if we do not acknowledge it.  We acknowledge every day that we are paying more for gasoline and food yet we are told these items must be excluded from the overall inflation picture.  Why?  There is only one reason and that reason is because the rate of inflation would trigger the need to quit the unrelenting excessive printing of money. The politicians would have to retrench and realize their ongoing excessive spending will have to halt.  It would mean there must be a cessation of the practice of “giving” benefits and entitlements via the depreciating of the value of our currency.

This attempt at dishonesty cannot be excused because the “best” minds came up with this scheme.  These minds have a stake in deficit spending and a false premise that they can get away with it. It does no good to point to a list of credentials to exonerate a dishonest reporting system. Those  who have sacrificed their integrity for a quick buck as so many short term thinkers have done now deserve to accept the blame for their folly and own up to the lack of veracity they have.

If anyone has any false hope that the dangers of inflation can be reconciled by downplaying and evading, it is time to reexamine this delusion and face the reality of hyper-inflation as seen in Zimbabwe ,Venezuela and all other countries who have thought they could print their way out of debt.  Counterfeiting money is outlawed but when done by the government it is sanctioned.  Money that is no longer worth anything is counterfeit whether the crook or the mint prints it.  Printing money that has no value because it inundates the market reduces its value to ultimately zero unless the practice is stopped and the money is backed by a tangible value.  The ability of a government to tax and borrow is not unlimited and therefore cannot back a currency.  When taxation becomes excessive and credit is no longer granted the printing of money is merely a last ditch effort to provide a currency that can no longer be honored.  This happened during the Confederacy, is happening is Zimbabwe and to the same extent in such socialist states as Venezuela.

There will be an uprising if this deceit is not exposed and corrected.  It will be in the form of more strikes for higher wages as the cost of living increases.  It will be in the form of wage and price controls that will create shortages.  It will be in the form of more radical politicians promising to give more and spend more for the needs of the more and more destitute .  This is not unpredictable for it has happened whenever inflation has run rampant.  Look at Germany and the Weimar Republic.  Look at Zimbabwe today.  It is no accident that inflation breeds chaos and revolution.

The prevention that keeps the government from printing money and turning it into worthless paper is first of all honest accounting which means a true picture of the value of currency and this means the inflation rate must be accurately and honestly reported.  No special formulas, no exclusions and no deception.  The invasion has taken place in America but it was not foreign but homegrown and it needs to be repelled.  Americans who want an honest government must insist on it and challenge those who wish to run it to openly investigate and denounce the practice of hiding the true inflation rate from the American people.  The only alternative for those not willing to speak up is to face the consequences of hyper-inflation as it deteriorates your standard of living, your personal comfort and your ultimate security.  The choice is to act now or react later.

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