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The climate change advocates believe that humans caused the climate to change for the worse. The climate change skeptics do not believe that humans caused this change, but some of them claim that the climate is changing.

They say that this change is occurring with so much emotion in their voices that they apparently fear that they will be punished if they say otherwise. They also say that this has been proved. As far as I know, there is no proof.

So, what would it take to prove or disprove anthropogenic climate change? The scientist would have to perform the following steps:

Find 100 Earth-like planets.
Get 7 billion people to colonize each planet for the first 50. Leave the other 50 uncolonized.
Put 100 thermometers on each planet.
Wait 30 years.
Collect the 10,000 temperatures.
Average the temperatures on the colonized and uncolonized planets.
Hope that the colonized planets have a larger temperature increase than do the uncolonized planets.
Perform a statistical test to determine if the increase is statistically significant.

You will then have a probability that humans caused climate change. Is this experiment likely to happen? No, for several reasons. The biggest reason is that 350 billion people would be unlikely to let climate change advocates tell them where to live.

What is my advice for the climate change advocates? Find an Earth-like planet and go there.

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