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“Human Rights” is a lie. These organizations promote the hypocrisy of the collective over the individual. Under the guise of “rights”, they ride a gravy train while it lasts. And it doesn’t last long, because as they collectivize individual rights they destroy all rights.

“Human Rights” places the privileges of the invented collective “all humans” above the rights of each individual human. The minimization of the individual merit begins from its arbitrary, capricious and totalitarian formation.

When a collective is formed its purpose is to usurp and overpower some or all rights of individuals. No collective has rights, the privileges they gain are acquired by usurping rights from all individuals by force, the force of numbers, the average, the mean, instead of the superior. Through this very formation, the average dolt, thug, and punk are placed above the superior human within the collective.

That is how collectives absorb individual rights. When a larger, more powerful collective, (such as a single socialist dictatorship or politburo), take power, “Human rights organizations” evaporate “for the greater good.”

Why do you think that “human rights” organizations do nothing against socialists dictatorships?

It is because socialist dictatorships are unstated, and among those within the organization, often unimagined objective — goal — of all “human rights” organizations. Those who found and fund “Human Rights Organizations” do so with the express purpose of making a “canary in a coal mine” for the socialist ideology. While individual rights are still viable, “Human Rights Organizations” are used to make a lot of noise to encourage tightening the authoritarian stranglehold that squelches the remainder of these rights.

When there are too few individual rights remaining, individual freedoms are too weak to protect themselves against the collective. That is when the canary dies and becomes silent. Then the totalitarian system steps in and absorbs whatever rights remain and the only “rights” left are the privileges that the collective wishes to dole out to the “friends” that they favor. (Until they no longer favor them. “Unfriend them.”)

No one seems to see through this planned hypocrisy because socialists have inverted the meaning of word “rights.”

Rights are natural “God-given,” and individual. Privilege is the arbitrary and capricious action of a collective of mediocrities made to overpower and subdue those who have more talent, initiative, strength, and intelligence.

Examples of the same collective process abound throughout all social, technical and military endeavors. Marks simply formalized and explained the well-known strategy of collectivism and called it “Socialism.” Collectivism itself has no room for excellence, individuality, or freedom.

To let “Human Rights Organizations” have any say in “defending” rights simply legitimizes their role. They do not protect rights. They stir up the pot to enable authoritarians to tighten their reins. Their function is to show that individual rights are weakening. When they are no longer able to function, they die, like the canary exposed to the natural gas leak in a coal mine.

Once it dies, the totalitarian authority only needs to sweep up and incorporate the few remaining individual rights.

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