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Are globalist and Obama insiders behind the anti-Trump Jerusalem Post fake news, under orders from CNN and Blitzer? If so, the alternative right Christian media must strengthen its resolve, to guard against the flood of lies overflowing today’s main stream media!

The International Christian Zionist Center in Jerusalem flooded the “warning” around the world that President Trump is embracing the PLO. What!? On 03.15.2017 The Jerusalem Center’s Merv and Merla Watson with Jan van der Hoven dispatched the entire 03.13.2017 Jerusalem Post article by Caroline Glick titled, “One World: Trump Embraces the PLO Fantasy.”

One American Christian leader told Vigileaks, “John van der Hoven from Israel reported that info. I know him.. He is legit… unless somebody ghosted his report, then I have to believe his report.” Why does he have to believe van der Hoven’s report? Is van der Hoven infallible?

Van der Hoven “warned,” Will now the President of the free world give the recognition of statehood to the very people who became, as Arafat and Abu Mazen did, the initial fathers of all subsequent terrorist organizations like Hamas, Hizbollah and even in a way ISIS now terrorizing the Middle East region?

Hold on, van der Hoven! How do you know this is not fake news? Would George Soros say any different than you are right now, for a Trump character assassination and smear campaign?

The article includes: “According to media reports, Trump told Abbas – whose legal term in office ended eight years ago – that he views him as a legitimate leader. According to the official White House report of the conversation, Trump also reportedly told Abbas that he supports reaching a deal between Israel and the Palestinians. Such a deal, to the extent it is ever reached, involves expanding PLO control over Judea and Samaria and parts of Jerusalem at Israel’s expense.”

The article adds, “And swift on the heels of that conversation with Abbas, Trump’s chief negotiator Jason Greenblatt was dispatched to Jerusalem to begin empowering the PLO at Israel’s expense.”

Now. Listen up. Everyone needs to remember – ESPECIALLY in this era of Fake News – that Americans, including President Trump, are innocent till proven guilty. Till then, as Christians we are not to sensationalize, unless we be conformed to the image of Satan which means “Slander.”

Are globalist and Obama insiders behind the anti-Trump Jerusalem Post fake news, under orders from CNN and Blitzer? If so, Christians around the world, who support Israel, need to sober up. While it is so often true that “To the pure all things are pure,” there is certainly nothing pure about main stream media at this critical juncture in history.

Truly, mature Christians should have enough mature judgment and discernment, to not hastily spread unsubstantiated rumors and fake news. If main stream media flaunts Huma Abedin in a Donald Trump costume, the Christian world should not be so gullible as to believe what it sees!

But if President Trump is assuming the feminine Muslim role Huma Abedin would have played in the White House, may God have mercy on his soul!  President Trump, start explaining your retaining Obama’s National Security Advisor, Yael Lempert, to We the People now!  (Despite his Jewishness, Lempert is a pro-Kissinger, pro-Soros anti-semitic Jew against nationalist Israel.)


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