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To Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell,

I have written previously in similar fashion, and the GOP team continues to do nothing but appease the Democrats.  This is shameful.

I believe that you gentlemen have an obligation to serve the people of the United States, not just the Republican party. The time to start was the day the new Congress was sworn in, but you failed miserably to do what you were elected to do.

I have several suggestions to the current Congress, to be completed immediately:

  1. Immediately pass legislation to prohibit spending Federal funds to support people in the United States illegally: welfare, education, healthcare and more. The people of the United States clearly support this action, just take a look at the vote in Oregon.
  2. Close the border with Mexico via physical constraints, and Army or National Guard wherever they might be needed. Turn back those who try to enter illegally.
  3. Approve the XL pipeline.
  4. Cut Federal taxes to maximum 15% or 20% immediately, then take a serious look at the FairTax, which would be a boon to jobs in the United States.
  5. Stop funding to the EPA and the other regulatory agencies so that these organizations are not able to issue new regulations. And, pass legislation requiring that all new Regulations from Federal Departments must be approved by and funded by the Congress.
  6. Stop all automatic increases in entitlements and other programs and roll back the max spending to same levels at 2000. By the way, you both contributed to the massive spending of the GW Bush years, so you are not innocent. Federal spending must be reduced and this is a fine way to start.
  7. Do not allow the Congress to consider any bill more than five(5) pages in length, and restrict amendments to those that do not push the bill to more than five(5) pages.
  8. Please ask the Republican members of Congress to stand on the Capitol steps several times a week and announce to the media what the Administration and the Democrats are doing to thwart the will of the people.

Going forward, I recommend to the GOP that you assemble a panel of wise councilors to put together a positive program to be supported by all future Republican candidates. My suggestions for this panel include Dr. Walter E. Williams, Economics Professor at George Mason University; Thomas Sowell, an economist and currently a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution in Stanford, CA. Both men are distinguished scholars and write often about our country.

Another panel invitee should be Dr. Larry Arnn, the President of Hillsdale College in Michigan, who is a Constitutional scholar. We certainly need to pay more attention to our founding documents and the philosophical rationale for the Declaration and the Constitution.

You must convince the people that your goal is to “promote the general welfare”, in an effort to “lift all boats.” The recent Federal policy of increasing taxes clearly suppressed economic activity, and the best way to lift all boats is to promote and increase economic activity. Congress should measure every bill to see whether the result is useful to “promoting the general welfare”.

I believe that both of you have failed the people that elected you and unless you do as the people wish, you should immediately resign from your leadership roles.


iPatriot Contributers


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