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It is widely thought Bob Mueller is wrapping up his case soon as he knows that a year without an ending is not going to work when all he has done is make the right people mad by indicting two temporary Trump associates on matters having nothing to do with the “Russia hacking” accusation.

The most Democrats have had in hand is the “17 US intelligence agencies” refrain that is silly where three are outlawed from operating within our borders and several are only equipped to study soil, rocks or storms, but major, going-bankrupt media continue the refrain as it appears to be their only hymn.

Politico reports:  “While many legal experts contend that Mueller lacks the standing to bring criminal charges against Trump, at least two attorneys working with clients swept up in the Russia probe told POLITICO they consider it possible that Mueller could indict the president for obstruction of justice.”

If this is the case Mueller’s cupboard is bare as courts have long held, and the Constitution has been interpreted to say, the President cannot be indicted while in office and that could be another seven years!  Let us not forget, Donald J. Trump is one-third of our government and having every pipsqueak with a bar card able to peck at him would be insane.  No cigar.

Meanwhile Representative Trey Gowdy, the most respected man in the House, for our money, was on CBS Face The Nation hosted by drop-dead-beautiful Margaret Brennon, who is as sharp as she is gorgeous in this generation of really hip lady commentators, analysts and experts.  Trey gave Bob Mueller a resoundingly positive endorsement and while we have had reservations this word from Mr. Gowdy is all it takes to dash our doubts.  It also sets the table for some serious strategic planning.

Let us not forget:  Mr. Mueller may be pure in motive, but still dislike Mr. Trump intensely and thereby be searching for anything he can rightly drop on “The Donald.”  The potential tactics for dealing with such a situation are several and savory.

If Mr. Mueller is “Mr. Integrity” he will be obliged to come up with some finding of collusion as that was the assignment where the “Special Council” law is predicated on a crime having been committed and none was, or was it?

Where the “Steele Dossier,” properly called the “Steele Narrative,” was paid for by the Clintons and the DNC a case for “collusion” can be made against Madame Clinton.  Season this broth with the $145.5 million the Clintons got for selling 20% of our uranium ore to Russia and it looks like a story that would justify the $18 million bill we expect Mueller to proffer.

This will cost Mr. Mueller most of his old friends, but $18 million can buy lots of new ones.  It only means Bob will not be invited to the Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner or any fancy DC Democrat parties so Mrs. Mueller will have to be appeased, but she can buy lots of shoes and fancy duds from the Ivanka Trump line of lady’s clothing.  Now, how to make this happen?

Mr. Trump has the greatest weapons for winning a war of this kind:  A quick mind, Internet access and a Twitter account!  All he has to do is put pressure on Mueller who being a man of great integrity, according to Mr. Gowdy whom I trust, will not abide having been misdirected and seek revenge on the real skunks in the DC swamp:  The Clintons and the DNC. 

How many Tweets: “Whatta you got Bob?  Nothing?  Toldja!” or “It’s Hillary, Bob.  She belongs in jail” or  “The Clintons have screwed us all over, Bob, including you!”  directed at Mr. Mueller, seen by millions and quoted by Sean Hannity plus all the other Fox people will it take?  Give Mr. Trump a couple of Big Macs as he’s good for hours of Tweeting. 

No more than two weeks of this kind of pressure will send the Mueller man on a mission to mash the mongrels and monsters that caused all the misery we have witnessed and read through our lives.  No greater justice could we have to make America great again.

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