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The Press indeed has a 1st Amendment right, but what is that right predicated upon? Did the Founder’s envision that the Press should be unencumbered by Government regulation so that they may engage in personal diatribes with politicians which they find abhorrent human beings? Was it so the Press could promulgate salaciously obscene material and pornographic images? That would seem to be contrary to the Founders vision as to why a Press should be free of Government coercion… We think the Founders understood the Press as the means of informing the electorate regarding matters – which the electorate’s ignorance would imperil Constitutional Liberties; thus, the Founders understood the Press as possessed of an obligation to inform the electorate…

The other day – 7 November 2018 – CNN’s Jim Acosta showed his contempt, once again for POTUS Trump; Acosta accused the President of mischaracterizing the Caravan from the South American countries as invaders… POTUS should have 1.) Asked Jim Acosta – or any of the reporters present – to remove their phone and look up the meaning of the word “invader” on an online dictionary, viz: “to enter forcefully as an enemy;” or, “to intrude upon;” or, “to enter as if to take possession;” or, “to encroach, or infringe upon.” And, 2.) Ask Jim Acosta who it is that is constitutionally obligated to safeguard National Security, and able to deny entry into this country a foreign invader? Of course, the answer would be the POTUS Trump… So Trump – and his surrogates – could embarrass jack-asses like Acosta; instead of getting into arguments with them…

Another tact that POTUS Trump and his representatives can, and should do, every time the opportunity avails itself, is to inquire – of reporters – regarding stories, facts and accomplishments which favor the Trump Administration, and which were given next to no coverage; and inquire regarding stories which reflect badly upon the Democrats, which the Press gave little coverage, and/or deflected condign criticism – for the Democrat – to an ancillary individual, group/entity – or to a Republican/conservative organization… Incessantly ask the Press persons why such stories are covered, or not covered… Thus, indicating – habitually, before the American people – that the Press “cherry-picks” news items, so as to advance a narrative.

Those actions should – consistently – be followed up with noting that a Press which favors “A,” and disfavors “B,” is not reporting, but propagandizing! Since the Press is guilty of plenty of such activities, POTUS – and/or his representative/s – could assert – in light of having indicated the Press’s habit of selectively reporting and slanting news – that the Press is an enemy of the unvarnished, objective facts… This may – if it is practiced religiously (consistently) – and sans rancor – embarrass some in the Press encouraging some – out of embarrassment – to strive to be fair, and to distance and/or disassociate themselves from people like Jim Acosta, Jake Tapper, Rachel Maddow, Chris Mathews, Joe Scarborough et al…

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