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Being as most of the clarion calls from “the people” to the men and women who have taken an Oath to protect and defend our constitution result in delayed hearings or additional hearings, more expert testimony, hand-wringing, and secret backroom meetings, but generally the final outcome is that the deep-pocket special interest groups get their way, and the people’s concerns are diminished, brushed away, or placated by more useless legislation using reams of paper and ink to basically say nothing, I have come up with a grand compromise regarding the serious health-concern issues of 5G that might actually result in an equitable outcome.

An overview of the type of legislative mumbo-jumbo that passes for oversight on the very serious 5G deployment issue can be found in my six-part analysis of one State of Michigan House of Representatives Energy Policy Committee hearing conducted on May 29, 2018 called I’ll Show You My Notes, If You’ll Show Me Yours (scroll down at, wherein I examine the testimonies of the technology wizards of the special interest class, and then the inane questioning and posturing of our legislative class, who never fail to amaze me with their lack of due diligence and need for maintaining a circus-like atmosphere with lame jokes and laughter among themselves.


More and more research is being made available to the hapless citizenry of the United States regarding the serious health concerns associated with increasing our wireless technology from 4G to 5G at a website called We Are The Evidence ( and another website called Americans for Responsible Technology (, to name a few places where even the least technologically-savvy citizen can clearly see that we need to halt the advancement of increased exposure to the radiation that emits from our wireless infrastructure and clearly address the known and unknown hazards that we are prepared to pass along to our children.

My recommendation is that each and every legislator volunteers to place the newfangled 5G towers in front of their homes; ONLY in front of their homes.  Give the rest of the American citizenry a five year moratorium to discover more of the information needed to make a sensible determination on the best way to move forward into technology salvation, so that, at some point, we can all download 20 movies in the time it takes to download one movie now (that is one of the benefits of 5G according to one of the sponsors in the Michigan legislature).  That way, only their children will be affected by our headlong rush into a future we are not ready to embrace.

You legislators in?

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