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“If Donald Trump came out in support of oxygen, liberals would suffocate themselves.”

Hate is not funny.  Liberals who think they are comedians are spewing their hate and bile on Trump to get the approval of their whacko Democrat base and their poison is infecting young Americans.  Democrats encourage people to hate America, hate capitalism, and hate Christians.  America is the greatest country in the history of the world, the first country to create a middle class from her great prosperity due to capitalist trade, a home where the great morality of Christianity has prospered, and a nation that has defended freedom throughout the world as well as bringing great aid to nations suffering from natural disasters.  This has all been accomplished thanks to republicanism.  Leftists loathe America.  For the entire history of America Democrats have advocated for a king to rule the masses rather than a president to serve.  They forced slavery to be in the Constitution, fought a war to keep their slaves, oppressed freed slaves for the next century making laws against them, and now they have devised a way to own them by deceiving them to get their votes voluntarily.

President Trump is doing this nation a great service and a world of good.  The liberal media doesn’t care.  They only care about advancing the socialist dictatorship agenda of the Democrats.  For that they must present fake news and lies while slandering others as fake news and liars.  Ignorant liberals who don’t look beyond the headlines fall easy prey to their manipulations.  They are brainwashed to not listen to the truth, and they are directed to reject the truth and only follow the Big Lies of the Left like lemmings.  These younglings and older fools readily believe ridiculous lies like global warming and beneficial socialism.  Education is always the key.  People who don’t know where they came from have no clue where they’re going.  That’s why leftists want to keep them ignorant, so they can lead them down the road to Hell.  These swindlers have realized that the best way to enslave people is to deceive them into choosing to be slaves.  They accomplish this by pretending to be trying to help them, and then blaming others for the disasters they create.  Democrats have been doing this for decades and only a few of the some of the people that can be fooled all the time have opened their eyes to how they have been misled.  For that they can thank the man they have been programmed to hate – Donald Trump.

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When liberals tell their nasty jokes, meant only to belittle Republicans in the eyes of their minions, they always hold Republicans to their “standard of dignity” that they must sit there and take it.  Of course, when they don’t protest then liberals say ‘they could not because the smears are all true,’ and if they do protest then ‘they are only doing so because the smears are all true.’  It’s the typical damned if you do and damned if you don’t ploy by which liberals believe they can get away with their slanders.  George Bush proved that the former is a formula for having his presidency dragged down into the muck, while Trump is proving that fighting back results in the latter being thrown back in liberal’s faces.

Liberals think their hate humor is funny?  They think conservatives who object to their disgusting nastiness are just a bunch of “snowflakes?”  Try this:

A liberal is impaled on a stake up his butt and as he slides down the stake comes out of his mouth and impaled on it is his brain.  Damn that’s funny!  What, liberals don’t like that kind of humor?  Awww, stick it up you’re a**, snowflake!  ROTFLMAO!

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