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Liberals have a theory of how conservatives can lose their “radical elements of their extremist rightwing” and come back into the fold of their Amerika.  Just stop listening to those who promote righteous Americanism and get rid of the conservative Christians like Rush Limbaugh and the others of conservative talk radio and FOX News.  Who is suggesting this?  People who say they are the greatest conservatives.

Here’s a better suggestion – how about liberals rid themselves of their far-left, extremist, radical, socialist, America-hating fascists?  Because the farthest left extreme on the scale opposite of Jesus would be Lucifer to whom Alinsky dedicated his Rules for Radicals as the 1st Rebel!  But they can’t dissociate themselves from the most selfish of radicals because that is who liberal Democrats actually are – the party of selfish takers fighting against the givers and the makers!  Were Democrats to rid themselves of their radicals at this point they would cease to exist.

Shannon Bream Progressive Democrat Resistance Warrior Campaign @ 21mins

Democrats believe they must have a Resistance Movement against the rightwing Republicans.  They want to end what Trump is doing – lowering taxes, securing the borders, stopping illegal immigrants and crime, defeating America’s enemies.  They want a return to Obamaism, which is America in decline that they perceive as their Utopia.  Their delusional vision is based on their erroneous beliefs chief of which is that Christian white men who formed the foundation of the Republican Party are the source of evil in the world.

The fallacy of liberal ideology is that they see the far right and far left as being where the violent radicals of opposing ideologies exist.  While they see those who are more “centrist” as being the reasonable, “enlightened” people of whom they believe their far left radicals to be a part.  This false paradigm is debunked on examination proving that all of the violent radicals in America exist only on the anti-Christian Left.  It hasn’t been Christians or Republicans who have rioted in the streets, set fire to stores, or attacked police over the last three years.  Just what do they imagine a radical Christian to be?  They think they are the same as bomb throwing socialist radicals.

What or who would qualify as the farthest right extremist of Christianity?  That would be Jesus the Christ.  How and why would any Christian want to remove Him?  Leftists want Christianity abolished because they think the far-right Christians are Nazis of the KKK.  They imagine the Christian church to be the Catholic Church of the Inquisition.  They see Jesus the Christ not as a Savior, Redeemer, or Messiah, but as a holier-than-thou-self-righteous-bigot who condemns people to Hell judging them out of malice.

Liberals believe they are the righteous, moral people of the nation and that only Christians who side with them in advocating for abortion and criminals are righteous people.  The fact is that there is no paradigm of Right vs. Left as liberals pretend that consists of Nazis and far left that are Communists.  In actuality the Right is composed of Christians and the Left is anti-Christians.  The delusion is in those who say they are Christian but who stand by and advocate for all the values of atheists and anti-Christians like America hating socialists and their allies the Islamist jihadis.

The leftist media presents polls that they say reflect public opinion.  But their polls are created and designed rather to shape public opinion and make people think that everyone is against Trump, that Trump is wrecking the nation, and that Democrats will be elevated to supreme power if Trump is impeached with Hillary becoming enthroned.  Only the delusional liberals, the people who can be fooled all the time, believe this will happen.  The rest of the country living in reality sees that Trump is making America great again and that sweeping aside all of Obama’s legacy is lifting the nation out of decline and putting the people back on track toward prosperity once more.

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