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Your right to vote is being debated in congress today. It doesn’t matter who you voted for Hillary or Trump, republican or democrat, the new law was written up and approved in committee long before the election. In future elections you will be able to vote but the votes will NOT BE COUNTED! It’s true and worse the media and Hollywood are helping hide it from you while it’s happening right under your nose!

For a very long time the ruling class, the “Inside the Beltway” royalty has felt that you are not capable of making wise decisions, that you are a bunch of stupid sheep and will follow them like you should.

Congress actually told you how stupid you are many years ago when they banned cigarettes advertisements from television.  They decided a moving picture of a cigarette would cause you to smoke. You are just too dumb to decide on your own. I know there are many more aspects to the issue but that is basically the root of it all. They followed that up with expiration dates on food. Obviously you can’t figure out you probably shouldn’t drink lumpy milk, but the topper in my estimation is warning labels on parachutes for skydiving. Hundreds of crazy laws which have raised the cost of goods to you have been passed because you are just plain stupid in their view.

I want you to look at what is happening today and look closely. A person was elected president as prescribed by The Constitution, party and person do not matter. There is NO EVIDENCE of foul play by anyone at all and it has been echoed in congressional hearings over and over. The Russians have attempted to tamper with our elections since Hoover and never succeeded but don’t forget we have tampered with plenty of elections, some successfully some not. The point is someone was elected president by the majority of the Electoral College. The D.C. Elite and the press don’t like that person so they are goading you and me to hate each other and pushing us into overthrowing 230 years of Constitutional tradition and civil war. I don’t care if you are sitting there reading this while caressing the trigger on your AR-15 and thumping a Bible or putting on you Guy Fawkes “resist” mask so “Big Brother” won’t recognize you the Elite is positioning themselves into the position of a Genealogical Royal ruling class.

For over a year you have been buried in evidence from anonymous sources blown completely out of proportion by a media drive in order to prove beyond any shadow that you are incapable of deciding what is best for you! It doesn’t matter who won or lost anymore this is a direct assault on The Constitution, you and a bald face attempt to put us back under a royal ruling class and drive us into socialism. You are so programmed that when Colbert made a joke about Comey getting fired the audience cheered when he expected boos. They cheered because they were conditioned to hate Comey because he brought down Clinton and after he explained the joke, the dutifully booed. You have become mindless robots of the media and pseudo-news comedy. Go look in the mirror and tell me if I’m wrong. Look at what you have become. Do you think you are stupid or look stupid, no? Then why are you letting these communists manipulate you?

This talk of impeachment is for one purpose and that is to make you hate the person who was elected because he is upsetting the elite’s plan to finally overthrow the Constitution. It started with Obama’s disastrous heath care take over of one third of the economy and with Clinton they could and would have finished. Once again I caution you, that party and person are not the point they are completely irrelevant. The whole point is making you hate America so they can re-make it “in their own image.” There is no evidence of an impeachable offense, none, zilch, zero. Over a year now there have been investigations, there are 6, 7, I don’t know anymore how many special committees or commissions, now a special council and nothing. What is the elite going to do when he finds nothing and what are you going to do?

What happens next? Elections continue to be held for a few cycles. When the results of an election do not fit with the agenda of the elite they simply throw out the ballots they don’t like which may I remind you has already happened. That goes on until you are used to it fully accepting it as part of “the way things get done.” Eventually elections are suspended for the sake of cost savings and cutting into the political skim they are losing from their own wallets and last ciao to Constitution after a “period of adjustment.”

You probably think I have my tin foil hat on too tight. Sorry I took mine off when I realized what they were trying to do to me and what I was becoming because of this propaganda.

As so often happens in life you have one of two choices and you may not like either one. You can continue to push to take down this president, participate in a coup and eventually lose America as you know it. That means limited everything including TV, internet, gasoline, food electricity all of it rationed. Perhaps not in your lifetime but you grandchildren will be exactly like North Koreans and Hotel California, “you can check in but you can’t leave.” Your other choice is support the country and the Constitution. Bite the bullet like the republicans did with Obama who is arguable the worst president in history. When he was elected there were no riots sure there was chatter of overthrow but Americans don’t do that, he was duly elected and sourly accepted by many but the Republic survived.

Let me close by saying that if and that’s a big if, somehow the media, radical alt-left and elite succeed in taking down this president for anything less that a true high crime or misdemeanor, things will get very bad. There won’t be little tantrums like the one in Berkley. It will be pajama boy against a 120 pound girl who has spent the last 15 years slinging hay bales off her pickup truck and can take the eye out of a gnat with a .22 LR at 100 yards, hardly a fair fight and no SWAT Team would stop her.

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