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“Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. And if we kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and Mixed Martial Arts, which are not the arts,” ~ Meryl Streep

Is this supposed to be a bad thing? Please, please don’t throw me into that briar patch.

Look, I love movies and TV probably more than most. Movies and certain TV series are a favorite pastime of mine, but I would gladly give them up and watch nothing but sports or read a book in exchange for getting rid of all these liberal Hollywood blowhards and the nefarious influence they and the bilge they produce have on our culture. A generation of young men raised on a steady diet of football and mixed martial arts instead of the PC indoctrination masquerading as entertainment that Hollywood deliberately pumps out might be just what this country needs.

As you have probably heard by now, Meryl Streep, a notorious Hollywood liberal even by Hollywood standards, used the occasion of her acceptance of a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes to give a finger wagging lecture to Middle America, a decreasing percentage of whom watch awards shows anyway at least partially because of nonsense like this.

What was Meryl Streep thinking? “Hey, Middle America hates us because they think we are a bunch of preening liberals who live in a bubble and are hopelessly out of touch, so I think I’ll give a speech confirming precisely those things. That’ll teach them.” I’m not sure Saturday Night Live could have come up with a better caricature of an out of touch Hollywood liberal speech if they tried.

The reaction from her peers defending her hasn’t been much better. The prize for upping the out of touchness ante might go to Patrick Nathan who describes himself as a novelist. Plugging his name in Amazon brought back nothing, but with a little digging I was able to determine that his first book is coming out this year. I’m not sure if he also has a real job. His gems included the following:

Hollywood isn’t a bubble. It’s a nexus of people from all over the world coming together to make art. White rural America is a bubble.

Yeah, you keep on telling yourself that buddy.

And this beauty:

The idea of appealing to a nostalgic past is living in a bubble. It’s white elitism. I’m reclaiming the actual definitions for these words.

PC grandstanding: check

Judging by his picture, Mr. Nathan appears to be white, so he obviously needs to work on his self-loathing issues. Speaking of which, maybe Mr. Nathan could benefit from some of those mixed martial arts lessons that Ms. Streep derides. Who knows, a few well-placed roundhouse kicks to his opponent’s head might help his self-esteem issues.

Nathan, like Streep, comes off like a character from an SNL parody skit, but I’m pretty sure he’s legit. What too was he thinking? “Let’s double down on the bubble dwelling out of touchness. That’ll win over those Red Country troglodytes. I hear they love it when we look down our noses at them and call them names.”

Here’s an idea that I do think will actually resonate with us Reds. How ‘bout y’all give it a rest and stick to acting or writing or whatever else it is you do. You really have no idea how clangy the repetitive over earnest pleas of whiny pampered Hollywood liberals come off to Flyover Country residents struggling paycheck to paycheck with the ravages of the policies favored by the Elites who sneer at us, free trade and mass immigration. Streep, Nathan et al need to realize that it is Donald Trump’s willingness to take on these issues, unlike other more squeamish Republicans, and endure the slings and arrows of all the sources of elite opinion, including cloistered Hollywood scolds, that makes him so beloved among those of us who dwell in the hinterlands of America, and their continued hectoring does not help their case. It reaffirms ours.


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