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Hillary out around Labor Day not likely but should be. WHY:

  1. Judged order to submit written answers under oath about her e-mails. Could be delayed until just after the election, blocking information to the voter.
  2.  Release of about 15000 more e-mails that were not mentioned earlier. How many will actually be released before the election and how many after. Impacts early voting.
  3.  If true Huma Abedin had classified  documents in her open car. She is the one who disclosed the information about contacts between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation and the pay-t0-play. How well was she vetted? She is a Muslim who has worked for a magazine of the Muslim Brotherhood.
  4. To many Hillary’s health is still in question. There have been few press conferences. Coughing and blank spaces while giving speeches. Long rest periods during the campaign. More  money on advertising then personal contact. I have no problem with Trump giving a health report, but Hillary is the only one that has shown problems. The health issue could be the surprise, maybe during a debate or on election day.
  5.  The Clinton tax return reveals in come from giving speeches. Where, big corporations and foreign governments. Any one who overlooks that the charitable giving was to the Clinton Foundation, would not understand the tax return of  Mr. Trump. Is the  Foundation making a donation to a poor unemployed illegal for campaign work?
  6.  Has Hillary shown any difference with Obama, and might even double down on his agenda?

Should Hillary depend on the benefit of doubt with her record? Her politics have ranged from all shades of grey through black. Do we want the paybacks to the Clinton’s and the Foundation to take place after she is elected? Is her wanting more Muslim refugees a pay back?

Could the hacks come from the NSA, for Hillary’s lack of security measures?

There are already enough chance for surprise with out Hillary adding to them.


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