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Hillary Clinton is the first “presumptive nominee” of any party to face not one, but two FBI criminal investigations while campaigning for the highest office in the land. And she is the first Democrat ever to have such a high unfavorable rating – 52% of Americans in the latest CNN poll just plain don’t like her. And that’s not a poll of Republicans – it includes Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

In her recent smug speech she claimed that she has “made history” because she is the first female “presumptive nominee” of any major party. Sorry, Hillary. “Presumptive nominee” is not the same as “nominee.” The only reason she can refer to herself in this way is the corrupt Democrat nominating process (which is far different than the Republican process).

Up until last Tuesday night she was significantly ahead of Bernie Sanders only if you included the Democrat “Super Delegates.” These are unelected delegates – most of them political cronies of the Clintons’ corrupt political machine – who have agreed to vote for her at the convention. The problem for Hillary is that (unlike the real, pledged delegates who were elected by the people) they can change their minds – and votes – in case Hillary is indicted. Or just because they feel like it.

The point is that the press has always included the “Super Delegate” votes of the Democrat elites when they compare her total number of votes to Bernie Sanders’. This has had the effect of improperly suppressing the Sanders vote because it makes it seems that Hillary is much further ahead of him than she actually is. I am no fan of Bernie Sanders but the fact is that he is well-liked in the Democrat party, while the majority of Democrats don’t trust Hillary.

If it were not for the rigged “Super Delegate” system, Sanders might well have won the nomination. After all, he has rallies with tens of thousands of people; Hillary is lucky to get a few hundred out to her snooze fests. For instance in a New York City rally recently, Hillary had 400 to 500 in attendance. (Remember, this is her “home state” and she was a NY Senator.) On the same day Sanders had over 28,000 at his rally.

Who are the “Super Delegates?” Democrats like to describe them as elected officials and high-ranking party members, including Obama and former Democrat presidents. But in fact these only comprise about one third of the 437 “Super Delegates.” They include 40 Senators, 193 Congressmen, and 21 Governors. Yes, they were elected to their offices, but they were NOT elected to be Convention delegates with the responsibility of choosing the Party’s nominee. They are chosen by the Democrat National Committee (DNC).

Well over 300 of the voting delegates are lobbyists and other political insiders who buy their way into their positions by donating services and/or money. Again, they are not elected by the people to choose their nominee; they are appointed by the DNC. The most important thing about “Super Delegates” is that this this handful of lobbyists and political elites can nullify the wishes of the millions of people who voted for the real delegates – the elected delegates.

Right now that is working for Clinton, because most of the party bosses have said they will vote for her. But, as I mentioned above, if she is criminally indicted – or if they determine that she is unelectable – they can manipulate the Convention and nominate someone else – possibly Sanders, but more likely Joe Biden. That’s how corrupt the Democrat Party is.

The bottom line is that the “presumptive nominee” title is meaningless. Only if she is actually voted the nominee in this rigged process will she have made history. It will indeed be historic if someone more corrupt than Barrack Obama is nominated by the Democrats.


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