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I’ve already voted, so what she caused yesterday does not make a difference in my vote. I decided early on that I was more interested in changing the direction of this country than in ‘more of the same’.  My children and grandchildren do not deserve what will happen if Hillary succeeds.

I saw Hillary treating Donald as she has treated all others who have gotten in her way. I know you’ve heard the stories about her comments and handling of the women in her husband’s past. I know you have heard about her behavior (and language) from some of the security details that had to “protect’ her.  I don’t believe we’ve ever heard an apology from her – ever!

As a woman – who, by the way, does not base my worth on what others say about me, I understand the culture that sometimes sees women as objects.  It goes way back into history.  I also understand the decline in proper everyday language that is used today.  Our behavior, language, morals, and conduct have gone downhill for decades.  Permissiveness is pervasive.  There is no such thing as moral relativism.  Morality really is black & white.  Is it politically correct to say that?  The guidelines we were given simply explain right and wrong.  No room for interpretation here.  “Thou Shalt – or – Thou Shalt Not”.  I could go on and on, but you have seen it as well.  Courtesy, Common Sense and Compassion have nearly disappeared.

I am outraged by the folks that I’ve seen on TV – and the “OUTRAGE” they say they feel about Mr. Trump’s words. This does not require wall-to-wall coverage by the Main Stream.  Were they not outraged by Bill Clinton’s actions during his term?  Why do they not look at Hillary’s behavior in the same way?  Aren’t some of the things they’ve done as abhorrent?  They certainly are to me!  And Hillary’s recent conduct ranks among some of the highest.

Her modus operandi to win this election is to deflect all truth about her to all innuendo and lies about her opponent.  If she can keep the waters muddy, and keep her opponent on the defensive, it appears as if she is the better candidate.  Just look at what she has accomplished so far.

Every time the topic turns to the issues – Surprise – Donald is in trouble again. She will not be happy until she has totally destroyed her opposition.  I personally hope she fails – because destroying her opposition will destroy America.  I have seen enough in the past decade to know it will happen if we do not stop it!

Consider this for yourselves and try to do it with an open mind.

Let’s just highlight what’s gone on during her run for power. Because of her attacks on Mr. Trump, it makes her sordid past fair game, as well.  She is certainly not a saint!

The Media (and our Educational System) is behind the Democrat. That should be obvious.  They have the most efficient way to propagandize (brainwash) society that has ever existed.  I recently heard the term ‘dog-whistle’ used to call in her supporters.  Each time there is an opportunity to comment on the current episode – they rise to her defense.  They praise her and denounce him.  The media is supposed to remain neutral – and academia is supposed to teach the ability to think!  I don’t see any neutrality here.  What I see is a selfish interest by those entities to keep the status quo.

Hillary Clinton MoneyFinancially, she has received funds (from questionable donors) for much more than Mr. Trump. That should tell us that she is beholden to those who support her financially.  Who are they? Go look for yourselves.

While Secretary of State, there were numerous questionable items that occurred. The most poignant, of course, is the E-Mail scandal.  An innocent person does not scrub her server with Bleach-Bit.  They do not smash several phones to destroy evidence.  They do not lie to Congress and the people.  But, you know all that.

She tried to take advantage of the most serious hurricane to hit this country in a decade, by purchasing advertising on the weather channel. Bad move.  Exploiting a tragedy for her benefit is one of her best tactics.

A decade old conversation, – when he had no thought of his being a Presidential candidate, should not have any bearing on the campaign of today. Speech does not disqualify a candidate.  He may have said awful things, but, remember, Hillary has done awful things.

Now, they want him to step down. This is ludicrous.  There are too many folks who still support him.  The polls keep going up, regardless.  He still holds a significant percentage of voter support.  The Establishment Republicans are merely trying to protect themselves.  Can you blame them?  They are seeing the results of the “Anti-PC” attitude that is reflected in Trump’s popularity.  Go Donald!!!!!

Perhaps the focus should be on defense of her actions and speech. Consider the revelation from Hillary’s E-Mail that she supports open borders, open trade, open immigration.  Isn’t this what has caused the condition in our country that we are in today?  The Immigrants being admitted without vetting – for what purpose?  I think for 2 reasons: 1. To Increase the number of Democratic voters, and to infiltrate society with individuals who, not only will support our traditions, but who are also attempting to destroy them

Consider her support of issues that undermine our country’s morality. We have been forced to accept gay marriage, uni-sex bathrooms, riots in the streets, a ramp-up of Russian influence, highest unemployment rate, greatest number of families on food stamps, greatest number of fatherless families, – you name it!  Is this what we stand for?  Is this what we want to continue?

Hillary, herself, does not have a good track record with women. She tried to crucify her husband’s consorts.  She takes money from nations that REALLY are misogynist. The term actually means “A hatred of women”.  If Donald actually were that way, would he have so many women in key positions in his organizations?  Decide for yourself.

Next we move to Wallstreet. In public, she claims to want to reign them in.  In private, [gotten from this week’s release of her speeches] she is on their side – due to their financial support of her candidacy.  Once again, there is a selfish interest in play here.

For comparison, the most dangerous presidents in recent history have been Jimmy Carter, for giving away the Panama Canal, George Bush, for using circumstances to centralize authority in the Presidency, and – yes – Obama, for expanding citizen surveillance, executive orders and unilateral actions. In essence, power has become moved to the hands of officials furthest from those they claim to serve: we the people.  It’s really unfortunate they don’t teach true history anymore.

The result? We now let government decide what health insurance we must buy, if our kids can set up a lemonade stand, which companies “win” by receiving taxpayer subsidies, and who can use what restroom. Increased government regulations are forcing many out of business.  If the purpose is to declare America bankrupt, it’s working.

Ironically, government is gaining power even as more and more Americans distrust government. Moreover, as Washington D.C. expands its role, voters — by dramatic margins — view local and state government more favorably than the federal government.

Unchecked power is dangerous. – More than that, it is lethal. Hillary wants unchecked power – no matter what she may have to do to get it.  Is this what we truly want?  Putting the freedom principle before each candidate’s personality, we must believe that Mr. Trump has our country’s best interests at heart – regardless of a decade old statement – and Hillary does not.  Just compare their individual desires for this country.  Mr. Trump is still competitive – and there is no reason for him to just “quit”.  He has never quit anything is his life (So they tell me).  He has bounced back from far worse.

For those of you who have considered writing him off, please write him back on! Do you really want to be part of the group who causes the death of the greatest country in the world?  I don’t.

As always, say your prayers, and Vote!


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