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If Hillary Clinton becomes president, what is she going to do? It is naive to think that she will do what she promised. Most probably, she will follow the example of career politicians.

Career politicians decide from young adulthood that they want to spend their entire lives in “public service.” This does not mean serving the public. They can do that best by being a minimum wage employee for a charity. A career politician wants to acquire as much money and power from the government as possible. This can best be done by having as much control of the government as possible and by having the government control the people as much as possible. This is called a dictatorship.

What will Hillary do? She can best increase government power by having the government control our health care. When you are sick, you go to a doctor employed by the government. The government decides, through the doctor, if you are allowed to recover. You will be one curable disease away from begging the government for your life.

Hillary must eliminate all rivals to government power. Religion must go. There has already been talk of eliminating tax free status from religious institutions that take stands on political issues. With the government encroaching on our lives so much, all of our personal decisions will be political issues. Our religious leaders will be silenced. Anyone who expresses an opinion and uses his religion as a justification will be called a bigot. Our freedom of religion will be reduced to being allowed to think religious thoughts. There are devices that can detect which parts of the brain you use when you think. It will not be long before the government will be able to figure out your thoughts. At that point, they will want to restrict your religious thoughts, too.

Hillary must prevent us from overthrowing the government. Of course, nobody reading this would think of violently getting rid of the government of this great nation. This means that Hillary is planning to do things that she thinks will make us change our minds. In anticipation of our future desire to revolt, she will disarm us. Her husband already took the first step in 1993. He signed an executive order stating that our soldiers must be disarmed while stateside. This is why our soldiers were sitting ducks at the attacks of Fort Hood, TX and the Washington Navy Yard. The next step is to disarm the rest of us.

Currently, carrying concealed weapons is regulated. Hillary must get rid of ALL weapons. Her strategy is the Second Amendment’s reference to “A well regulated Militia.” She will argue that you can only have a gun if you are part of a militia. Further, only a government can have a militia. If you are not a soldier, you are out of luck. Who would have the nerve to do this? Earlier this year, Maryland Delegate Jill Carter introduced a bill to outlaw the sale or use of an “imitation firearm,” for example a pellet gun. You would be in violation even if you engaged in some target practice. Hillary will appoint Supreme Court Justices who will agree with this interpretation of the Constitution.

Hillary must prevent us from complaining about the government. Such complaints are called sedition. This has been legal since 1800. An excellent way to diminish these complaints is to call the complainer a racist. People also ask for “safe spaces” where such complaints are not allowed. Does the First Amendment give us the right to be heard? Some people argue that only the press has this right. Who belongs to the press? Some argue that the real press is only the “mainstream” press. What about the talk shows? Some want to bring back the Fairness Doctrine, which ended in 1987. This said that equal time must be provided for opinions on radio and television. Because equal time means that the audience must hear from someone who has the audience’s idea of a ridiculous view, the audience will change the station to music. Talk shows will be forced out of business. What other assets does Hillary have to reduce sedition? The IRS.

Hillary must work to keep her power. She must ensure re-election. Current voters will be unlikely to vote for her next time, so she must import voters. This is best done with illegal immigrants. Now you know why the Democrats push for amnesty so fervently.

Hillary must prevent other countries from conquering us. This is not to protect us. This is to keep herself in power. Democrats have a poor war record. For example, President Truman struggled with North Korea. President Johnson struggled with North Vietnam. President Clinton bombed Iraq and Serbia to no effect. President Obama has let so many countries walk all over him that Philippine President Duterte recently called him a “son of a [let’s just say someone like Hillary]”. Hillary is no better than the above Democrat presidents. Her own performance at Benghazi shows that she is not qualified to be Commander-In-Chief. If it is any solace, Hillary’s path to ex-president will not be at the ballot box. It will be on the battlefield.

If you like living in a country where the government is your god, you cannot complain about it, you cannot protect yourself from invaders, you cannot pray for relief, and you must beg the government to let you survive a curable disease, then vote for Hillary Clinton. If you want the opposite, vote for the candidate who has been advocating the opposite on all of the above issues. Vote for Donald Trump.


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