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The Left and the Democrats have a multi-prong strategy in the Post Trump Victory.

1.) Challenge the Electoral

2.)Get protesters in the streets breaking windows and doing store looting and more.

Today I read that one of the Clinton workers is challenging the Electoral Vote. What they are trying to do is get the Electors to change there Vote to Hillary. With only 232 electoral votes Hillary would need 38 more to change there vote and the Electors have until Dec 16th to change their minds. So all of this Protesting is designed to strip away Trumps win. But the problems is to convince all of these 38 to change there vote is next to impossible. Remember Donald has 290 electoral votes. He would need to lose 21 votes to take him below 270. But Hillary would only gain 253 EV. Not enough to win. The chance of her being able to convince or pay off all those electors is doubtful.

Most of those electors voted for Trump because they are tired of the Democrats Socialism. Obama is a failed President. You can believe that or not. The truth is his policies don’t work. He has consistently in his near 8 year tenor to not get us jobs. Bad treaties and agreements with Foreign powers that let them rule over us. The Nuclear Arms deal with Iran is a perfect example of a bad bad deal. His NFTA and Pacific Trade deal is another. Why is Obama sinking the US with these type of trade agreements. It is because he wants to bring the American Country to its knees and embrace Socialism as its savior. Kind of a weird way of going about it. Knock us down and then build us up??? You can bet George Soros is firmly behind much of all of this Protecting and Backroom deals to strip Trump of his Presidency. If it can be proven that Soros is in fact guilty of Sedition he can be charged. A long prison sentence await him. He lives right here in NY and has a huge mansion no doubt filled with all his riches. He is the most selfish man in the world. Who wants a One World Government. Something no dictator or army of pagans has ever been able to achieve. Not Cesar, or Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great or even the Communists have been able to do that. Although they are still trying. If they can convince people like these dump idiots rioting in the streets that the Democrats and Socialism is right for our government they would succeed…. Perhaps. It would be a step closer to world Domination. They don’t have Russia under their control. Don’t be surprised that they are working on it. Even ISIS is vulnerable to be taken over. Where ever there is conflict in the world I suspect the Communists are there taking part. It is there philosophy. “Divide and Conquer, Control the Media, Redistribution of Wealth, Tax and Spend, Destroy Religions, Destroy or Remove the Constitution of the United States. You have seen Obama on gun controls. Attack the Second Amendment is a huge part of the Communist Plan and it is also the same for the Democrats. Take one Amendment down at a time. Next is free speech. Pretty soon we will have no guarantees of Freedom at all. Look at the nations who have gone to Communism. Cuba, China, Russia.

Is there any real freedom there? What these fools don’t understand is this is the plan. They the Democrats or Communists are pretty much the same. I don’t see a difference is what they do or their approach. This is why God helped Trump to be elected. We need change in Washington D.C. Won’t be easy. They will fight back you can count on it. We must win at all costs.

Our future is at stake.


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