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Many of the ‘good-ole-boys’ have opted not to attend the current RNC in an obvious play to avoid publicly endorsing Donald Trump.  If things go sour for Mr. Trump they can gloat in a “…I told you so…” manner.  However, if things work out, they can gracefully say “….I am glad I was wrong…..”.

Oh what a game they play.  They probably just plain did not want to go, and they found what they perceive to be a good excuse.  I do think it will backfire on them.  Many are saying the Bush family is poor losers; along with Gov. Kasich.  And where is Marco Rubio?  Have not seen nor heard anything about him.  Sen. Cruz, I believe, will be accounted for as he will be speaking.  And of course the Media is trying to set up a controversy by throwing out such words as “conspiracy” on the part of Cruz, as he may make his speech a route to his overturning the nomination of Trump.  Is the Media never satisfied unless they make a dramatic situation out of everything?

I was impressed with Mrs. Trump.  I have been informed by a very reliable source, and someone who is close to her, that she is very uncomfortable with public speaking, as so many of us are.  Can you imagine speaking to such a crowd as is present at this Convention? For someone who was so nervous about it, and apprehensive, I think she did a very good job.  As far as the “plagiarizing” that the Media has accused her of; I feel that to be a foolish argument. I can only re-iterate that so many of them (Politicians) say the very same things over and over.  Are they not then ‘plagiarizing’ each other? Once again I must point the finger at the Media for an attempt at causing controversy with drama.

What was an obvious irritant to me was the fact that the Media commentators talked over most of the speakers.  I thought this was a Convention, as they had advertised, and not a full blown Commentators “ten minutes of fame”. I purposely tuned in only to hear the speakers; but all I got was the dribble from the Media about all the bad things connected to the Trump campaign and the Convention events. It is so hard to find the truth from our Media today; not hard, more of a challenge.  They are adding to our division with their own. I have found just two outlets that are basically impartial.  But I find the three (3) major networks downright biased. They are attempting to sway the Electorate.  I believe that could, and should, be considered somewhat of a crime. Perhaps Mr. Trump, if elected, should attempt to stop this heresy. But one has to be so careful and not violate the “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Press” rights.  There is such a fine line of distinction between our “Rights” and our convictions. As a more specific example I sight the desiccation of our Flag.  The perpetrators insist it is a Freedom of Speech.  I call it an expression of belief. And we do not have such a Freedom of expression allowing physical decimation of our revered Flag.

Such actions are an obvious indication of the level of intelligence surrounding the haphazard protests, and the very possible lack of common sense, logic, and knowledge of that which they are protesting.

In the current phase of sniper actions against our Police Forces, I see a level of ignorance never before shown by a public group.  They are stepping on the Officer’s right to trial.  They are ignoring the “…guilty until proven innocent….” expectation.  They are denying the Police Officer the very right they are ‘screaming’ for. Their animalistic actions and violent responses are only expected, or experienced, in a low culture. If this is what they prefer, then I suggest they return to their Country of origin. Our United States of America is a civilized, educated, and intelligent people.  We work hard, we play hard, and we stand up for our rights; not with clubs and rocks, but with intelligent dialogue.


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