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A record 4 in ten Americans are saying they are worse off now than they were a year ago as the disastrous Biden administration rolls onward.

The latest numbers were seen in an ABC News/Washington Post poll that shows the highest discontent that has eve been seen in the poll’s 37-year history, ABC reported.

And as Biden continues to say he is ready to run for a second term, his voters are not so sure.

Per ABC:

Given disaffection with both leaders, a rerun of the 2020 presidential election is hardly enticing: Nearly six in 10 Democratic-aligned adults don’t want to see Biden nominated again for the job, and half on the Republican side would rather not see Donald Trump as their party’s nominee.

If those were the choices and the election were today, the poll suggests it could be close: Among all adults, 48 percent support Donald Trump and 44 percent are for Biden; it’s a similar 48-45 percent among registered voters. The differences are within the poll’s margin of sampling error.
The big hit on Biden is the economy: With inflation moderating but still high, 41 percent say they’re not as well off financially as they were when Biden took office, the most in nearly three dozen ABC/Post polls to ask the question since 1986, when Ronald Reagan, who popularized the “better off” phrase, held office. Just 16 percent in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates, say they’re better off.

By contrast, nearly two years into Trump’s presidency, far fewer – 13 percent – said they’d gotten worse off; more, 25 percent, were in better shape financially.

Biden also has extremely low approval ratings with 38 percent saying they approve of his handling of Ukraine, 37 percent saying the approve of his handling of the economy, and a tiny 28 percent saying he is doing a good job on immigration. Biden has pretty much been underwater in his approvals since just after he took office.

ABC has far more about its poll at its coverage, but suffice to say, Biden is seeing some of the worst — and consistently bad — ratings than any other president… including Trump in many cases.

This is all very bad news for the Democrats ahead of the 2024 election cycle that is just starting to ramp up.

ABC is not the only one finding these results. A new I&I/TIPP Poll also found dire news for the Democrats with a result showing that two-thirds of respondents said they were worse off than they were a few years ago.

The online I&I/TIPP Poll asked 1,358 Americans a simple question: “Are you better off today than you were two years ago, or not?” Possible responses were “Yes, better off,” “No, not better off,” and “Not sure.” The poll, which was taken from Feb. 1-3, has a margin of error of +/-2.8 percentage points.

By 61% to 33%, Americans overwhelmingly picked “No, not better off” over “Yes, better off.” Just 6% said they weren’t sure.

Not surprisingly, Republicans overwhelmingly say they are not better off (76% “not better off” vs. 21% “better off”). But so does a super majority of independents (71% to 20%). Even among Democrats, few are celebrating. The poll found that less than half (49%) said they are better off, while 45% say they are not better off.

These two are but a few examples, too. These results are being replicated by even the most liberal polling firm.
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