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An insider politician should face a higher bar. Hillary Clinton has been a wife of a  president, a U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State, how much more of a politician can one be? Donald Trump is an outsider who has built a real estate empire.

Even when there is not enough evidence for a criminal indictment and prosecution,, the selecting a president needs a higher bar. Take your pick Hillary has been decried as a: a liar’ extremely careless, and forgetful.. Are these the words we want for our President and Commander In Chief? All Hillary says about Trump is he is dangerous and not presidential.

Hillary is being done in by Wikileaks and the Freedom of Information Act,(FOIA). Hillary has lied to Congress and the FBI. This is the second case that Jim Comey cleared Hillary of any wrongdoing, as he investigated Whitewater a few years ago.. I(n both cases Hillary was found to be careless but not to the point of indictment. The call for prosecution should have been left up to AG Loretta Lynch, but she ruined her integrity by meeting with Bill Clinton.

Without going back through all the information, there was no indictment because no harm was proven beyond a reasonable doubt and intent was not shown. There were few follow up questions as to intent. Reasonable dout was  covered by the lost or destroyed e-mails.

A private server, one lost laptop, five Ipads , and thirteen Blackberries dont show a regard for national security. The e-mail header showing the classification of security can be  removed. If she thought that the (C) was just a paragraph marking where was A and B? Did she not have meetings on security, or did she just ignore them? Would Huma Abedin have passed a security clearance, with her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood?

If the private server did not harm national security, there is still the Clinton Foundation. For some pay to play has not been fully proven, but the [pay off could happen  if Hillary is elected. I would like to know if the land grab from the Bundy’s and the refuge standoff has to do with a contact of  the Clinton Foundation.

While Clinton was taking a break and only going to fund raisers, Donald Trump delivered relief aid to Baton Rouge and Florida, had a meeting with the President of Mexico, and met with a group of African Americans to see what the real problems are. Hillary was invited to meet with the Mexican President. Why didn’t the Clinton Foundation send aid to the flood victims? Hillary rested or whatever and Obama played golf. Which of the tree was more presidential.

Trump has called Putin a leader.  Compare this with a president that made a red line in the sand, who has lost the Crimea and created a mess in the Ukraine. WW#ho set the reset button with Putin? ^Then there is something about a sale of uranium.

The early withdraw in Iraq helped create ISIS. The President is Commander in Chief, but should he ignore the advice of his Generals and fire anyone who disagrees?

Hillary has only said that Trump is unfit for the office, leaving the idea that she will continue the policies  of Obama.

National security, job creation,   constitutional rights are not gender or race issues.  The Clinton Foundation appears to have received money from many governments where Sharia law is in effect, do women want to go under Sharia Law? Trump will pass Kate’s Law.. Gun laws would not prevent an Oklahoma City or Boston, or NYC 911 situation.

For  many minorities and other low income people has government aid hurt as much or more then it has helped? Have you  suffered from poor schools and conditions brought by Democratic control for a number years? Our justice system needs some overhaul, as very few are above the law like Hillary Clinton. Legal fees can sink many people regardless of income. The people of low income get court pointed attorneys, and are subject to more plea bargains, good or bad.

In the past few years our education system has changed. I feel that, No Child Left Behind,” Common Core,” bilingual education, doing away with trade schools, guest worker visas, trade policies, have cut employment opportunities. Were the minorities hit the hardest? There are those who figuratively  shoot themselves in the foot by dropping out of school and breaking laws.


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